The 1993 Dime D

The Roosevelt Dime was minted in 1993. The total production of this coin was slightly increased over previous years, reaching a total of 1.5 billion pieces. The value of a 1993 dime varies depending on its condition, certification, inventory, and urgency of sale. The Denver mint minted approximately 750,110,000 dimes in 1993. They are 90% silver and worth between $0.12 and $5.25. If you want to own a 1993 dime, you must know that they are quite rare.

The obverse of the coin contains the inscriptions United States of America, One Dime, and E pluribus unum. The reverse features a burning torch, an olive branch, and an oak branch. The mint was inspired to design these coins after the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The President was involved in fighting polio and establishing the March of Dimes. A 1993 dime d can be easily purchased from a coin dealer, though these coins are not considered high-end items by collectors.

The Roosevelt dime was also released into circulation with a variety of errors. During its mintage, the San Francisco Mint produced a number of different errors. Among them are the 1965D double-die reverse error and the 1982P dime, which was minted without a mint mark. The 1964D dime exhibits a striking error on the reverse side. This is known as the Double Die Reverse Error.

The United States Mint also minted the 1993-D Roosevelt Dime. This coin is a clad composition, containing a mix of copper and nickel with a core of solid copper. Even though this 1993 dime contains nickel and copper, it is still worth face value. There is also the 1993 P, D, and S proof dime, which were made specifically for collectors. The obverse of the coin has the mint mark. The date of production and the mint’s mark are visible on the obverse.

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