The 2021 P Quarter Error

The 2021 p quarter error is a coin that was struck in Philadelphia in 2002. The quarter is centered with missing edges and has a dime planchet impression. This error occurred when the coin was struck on the wrong planchet. It should have been discarded before it left the mint. This error is a rarity. The coin sold for more than $13,000 at auction, and the cause is unknown.

A Minnesota Quarter struck in Philadelphia in 2005 produced lots of error coins. Over 50 different varieties featured a double die on the reverse side. The die used to impress the design on the coin slipped during production. The resulting doubled impressions created the appearance of an extra tree on the reverse. The most famous variety was assigned the reference code FS-801 by the PCGS. The ghostly spruce was located just to the right of the fourth tree on the state map.

A 2021 p quarter is not rare but can be an interesting addition to a coin collection. They can add value and intrigue to any collection. If you have a collection of these coins, you should consider investing in them. The value of these coins may well far exceed their face value. In the market, MS67 specimens are currently worth around $275. This is a great price for this type of coin.

The obverse and reverse of the 2021 Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site Quarter are both gold-plated. The gold-plated version was issued the same year. In spite of the error, the silver-plated version has proved to be more valuable. It is not too late to add this coin to your collection. If you haven’t already, you can always start collecting 2021 obverse coins today!

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