Double Ear Penny

If you’re an avid coin collector, you may be interested in a double ear penny. These coins feature a second earlobe below Lincoln’s full ear and are more difficult to find in circulation. The good news is that they can fetch an incredible price. In fact, these coins can sell for as much as $230 in mint state condition. However, the reverse design of these coins is not as easy to appreciate as an eye under a magnifying glass.

Some collectors might be surprised to learn that double-ear pennies are actually not real errors. It’s most likely that the dies used in coin production have been doubled. While it’s possible to find double ear pennies on occasion, the chances of finding three varieties is highly unlikely. Therefore, you should look for other errors when examining a double-ear penny. If you notice one on your collection, look for other imperfections to determine whether it’s really a double ear or not.

Another example of a double-ear penny is a 1975-D Uncirculated Lincoln Memorial cent. It’s an error of the same coin as the 1995 Denver Double Ear Lincoln Penny. In this case, the earlobe was doubled as well. This error is not caused by a double stamp, but by an unintended fluke during the production process. The double-ear cent is now worth $450!

One rare Lincoln penny can sell for $500 in mint condition. The Denver Mint produced 4.5 billion pennies between 1992 and 1993. The close AM is difficult to distinguish from a wide AM. You may need a cheap magnifying glass to see the difference. The word “Liberty” is the most obvious indication of error. The word “Liberty” is often layered with other letters, making it difficult to recognize.

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