1985 D Nickel Value

If you’re looking to buy or sell a 1985 d nickel, you should have a clue about the value of the coin. The United States Mint struck billions of these pennies, all of which carry the “D” mintmark. The metal composition of these pennies is cheaper than copper, so they’re not worth saving unless they’re completely uncirculated. The value of the most valuable 1985-D penny sold at a 2010 auction was $5,635! But 1985-D pennies weren’t created equal. Some 1985 proof coins were made by the San Francisco Mint on special presses and highly polished blanks to ensure they would be uncirculated.

The doubling on an 85-D penny is quite rare and can range from barely noticeable to a drastic double. Rare 1985 doubled die nickels are worth from $20 to $50 each, depending on the magnitude of the doubling and the condition of the coin. While it’s rare to find an uncirculated 1985 d nickel, some varieties are more valuable than others. They may have a slight flaw in the rim, but otherwise show no signs of circulation.

The condition and grade of a 1985-D Jefferson Nickel will determine its value. If it is in good condition with a full strike, the coin may be worth a great deal more than it would if it was in poor condition or had a weak step designation. Most price guides, however, base their estimates on PCGS and NGC graded coins and rarely sample raw coin specimens. For a more accurate assessment, you can check out coin graders and prices online.

Another important aspect of a nickel’s value is the design. A 1913 Liberty Head nickel can command $5.25 million, while a 1964 Jefferson nickel with mirror brockage can fetch $1.15 million. The price of a 1985-D nickel in good condition has increased significantly. A 1985-D nickel in mint condition is worth nearly $450. Its value increases as you age. In 2022, a high-grade, uncirculated nickel could easily reach the millions.

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