US Virgin Islands Quarter 2009

The U.S. Virgin Islands quarter is a rare coin. The design is a combination of three major islands. It is a rare coin for collectors to obtain. In order to obtain a 2009-S coin, you must first purchase a U.S. Territory Proof Quarter. Then, you must purchase a proof quarter. A 2009-S coin is an excellent deal. This coin is worth collecting if you love coins.

The design of the US Virgin Islands quarter 2009 was selected after a public competition. The winning design featured the Conch Shell Blower and the Three Queens symbols. The US Mint announced the design on December 15, 2008. The total mintage was 82 million coins for circulation, with the same amount struck at each mint. The coins were evenly distributed between Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Collectors can purchase silver proof and gold proof versions.

The value of the standard US Virgin Islands clad quarter is only $0.25 cents in circulated condition. However, these coins fetch a premium when sold in uncirculated conditions. Uncirculated coins in P and D grades are worth about $1, while an MS 65-graded coin in S condition can fetch up to $4. Similarly, a PR 69DC coin can fetch up to $15. These rare coins can be used as currency or saved in a bank.

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