Undertale Characters – Error Sans

The Error Sans character is a corrupted version of Sans that exists in the Undertale Multiverse. Originally from Lucidia, Error Sans was further developed from Error!Sans designs. While the character did not exist in the game, he is present on a lot of different surfaces in the game.

Error is a psychotic and demented being that wants nothing more than to destroy the anomalies that exist in the world. His goal is to rid the universe of its abominations and other anomalies, and he sees himself as a savior of timelines. He carries around puppets of his alternate selves and tries to reclaim them from his own timeline. Error calls all other characters in the game ‘glitches’ and ‘abominations’.

Error Sans is a character in the Undertale series, and he is the alternate personality of the main character, Sans. The AU destroyer, Error Sans is obsessed with erasing mistakes in the multiverse. Error Sans looks similar to other Sans, and his outfit is similar to Underfell Sans’ casual wear.

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