Wearable devices that have helped the healthcare Industry.

Wearable technology is various devices that are now in regular use around the world for various healthcare reasons. Healthcare has had its fair share of progress in the past few years to a great extent. As the pandemic hit us so unexpectedly, it has forced healthcare workers and pharmaceutical industries to be able to manufacture products that are resourceful anywhere they want in dire need.

The most common equipment that was used during the pandemic was a pulse oximeter which was used to show us the pulse of the patient and the oxygen saturation level throughout the blood of the patient. This used to pinched on the index finger and would give us the values and through that, we can determine what is the current status of the patient.

Not just these oximeters, but various other devices are wearable and have revolutionized the world of healthcare by providing necessary information and data about patients’ health. In this article, we will be discussing the 5 wearable medical devices that have helped us keep track of our health.

What is wearable technology in healthcare?

So, wearable technology can be defined as the name suggests, it is a wearable device that records the patient’s data and can even send the data directly to the doctor if the patient is suffering through something that needs rapid action at any time. These are necessary as more data is obtained from the patient, the better the patient can be taken care of, hence, it is an essential technology that is used in the healthcare industry.

Smart Watches

Smartwatches have been around for a long time and many companies manufacture them. From Apple to Samsung, various brands manufacture it. Various purposes for recording your health can be utilized in a smartwatch. From your daily number of steps to your exercise count and your medication reminders and proved themselves to be very useful. Smartwatches are also fashionable and can be worn every day.


A smart patch is a wearable device that can be attached to a body part of your comfort. It’s very thin and light hence, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day. This patch regularly records various parameters and data of the patient’s help and can even be attached to an application through which you can get notifications regarding the medications and when and how much to take. These are especially useful for diabetic patients who have to constantly keep track of insulin levels and need to check frequently. It is attached by pricking the skin with a punch-like machine and then sticking the patch with a little connectivity to the blood flow.


Relatively a newer technology nonetheless a great one. These clothing are either charged by batteries or a small generator that is woven into the fabric of the cloth alongside many sensors throughout the cloth and can detect body temperature, respiratory patterns, and heart rate. The possible results and innovations are endless when it comes to clothing materials hence, why not use them for the welfare of humans as well? It is also anticipated that it can be used as an interface between augmented reality experiences.


Why not implant an entire device that can either use the body’s tiny fraction of energy to charge itself or active implants which can have an external source of charge? This is what’s done when a device is being implanted in the human body that interacts with various interfaces of the human body such as the tissues, blood supply, and other forms to treat a disease or any medical condition that can be benefitted through these kinds of implants. This kind of technology can indeed have the potential to cure diseases that are considered to be incurable at one point.


Hearables are devices that are currently being used as hearing aids and are equipped with several sensors and can be used for various functions especially once it’s being connected through Bluetooth. This can do various tasks such as either track fitness or even listen to music and various forms of hearing entertainment as well as help a deaf person to hear.

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And with that, these are some of the devices that we have used regularly by many in the world to able to track their health and keep themselves in check. Smartwatches are evolving especially in a great direction after Apple integrated medical services when the watch detects any sort of emergency. These devices are especially resourceful when we have elderly people in the house who need constant supervision yet sometimes we happen to fail to pay attention to them. Hope this article helped you know about these devices and was educational.