Webull Review 2022

Webull will appeal to the mobile first generation of casual investors. Its intuitive interface for mobile and desktop apps makes it easy for them to use, but the brokerage also provides a wealth of tools for active trader. Unfortunately, it is lacking in education content and access to some common asset types. This could make Webull difficult for beginners.

Pros & Cons


  • Low prices
  • Easy-to-use platform.
  • Advanced tools
  • Access to cryptocurrency


  • No mutual funds
  • Support for education is very limited.

Where Webull shines

Low cost. Webull ranks high in terms the costs of stock trades. Webull also offers $0-commission trades and no percontract fees.

Advanced tools. Webull was developed to be accessible for the mobile-first generation. But, that does not mean Webull cannot offer advanced charting features and screener tools.

Access to cryptocurrency

A wide range of users: This company appeals to a broad market. It seems to have taken cues and inspiration from Robinhood and other leading companies like Robinhood. These are great options for casual and new investors looking to get a mobile experience with a clear, simple desktop interface. Webull can also be used by advanced traders. They offer advanced charts, technical indicators, advanced orders as well as advanced market data (Nadaq Level II), customization and many other features. All this is presented in a simple, user-friendly platform.

Webull has a problem

Webull has no mutual funds.

Webull still lacks education support. Although Webull is working hard to offer more educational content, Webull is still lagging behind more established brokerages.

Cash management. Webull does NOT offer interest on any uninvested or uninvested currency. Webull also has no default account for uninvested, uninvested, uninvested, or ancillary cash management products, as do some brokers like Ally Invest and Robinhood. That is, any uninvested money will remain inactive with no potential to grow. It is worth noting that many default sweep interest rate rates currently hover around 0.01%. Therefore, in today’s climate the line between offering and not offering interest on uninvested money is thin.

Webull is the best

  • Intermediate investors
  • Active traders.
  • Options traders.
  • Cryptocurrency traders

Webull at a glance

Account minimum


Stock trading costs


Option trades


Account fees (annual, transfer, closing, inactivity)

No annual or inactivity fee; $75 full/partial transaction fee

Tradable securities

  • Stocks.
  • ETFs.
  • Options.
  • ADRs.

Crypto availability

Webull has access to 11 different cryptocurrencies.

Number of mutual funds without transaction-fee

Not rated.

Trading platform

Advanced charts, indicators, screeners, customization, and browser-based desktop platforms are available.

Mobile app

Mobile app provides advanced features, including charts, indicators, paper trading, price alarms, and voice command.

Data and research

News, analysis, and research available from Thomson Reuters, Nasdaq Totalview, Refinitiv, Lipper, OPRA, OTC Bulletin Board.

Customer support options (includes how easy is it to find key details online)

24/7 phone, email and chat available in the mobile application

Webull ratings: more details

Minimum Account 5 stars

Webull does NOT require you to have an account.

Stock trading costs: 5/5 stars

Webull ranks highly in terms of cost. Webull offers no minimum account, free trades on stocks, American depository receipts, and free trades with exchange-traded mutual funds.

Options trades: 5/5 stars

Webull is among few brokerages offering free options trades. Customers are not charged either a per trading commission or per-contract fee.

Account fees: 3.5% of 5 stars

Webull’s transaction fee is another account fee to keep an eye on. There will be a $75 fee if you transfer all of your assets to Webull to another brokerage. There will not be an annual or inactivity fees at Webull.

1 star out of 5 for Tradable Security

Webull doesn’t have common securities access, even though it has a great offering for active traders. This could make it more difficult to diversify across traditional assets for those who plan on saving for retirement with an IRA.

Crypto availability 5 out of 5 stars

Webull provides investors with the ability to trade 11 different cryptocurrencies. It is important to know that Webull users cannot send and receive coins to and from their Webull account. If you need to withdraw funds, the only option is selling for USD. While Webull’s crypto score is not affected by other stock brokerages it is one reason Webull did not rank as highly in our ranking of the best digital exchanges. Webull allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Cash, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Stella Lumens and Ethereum Classic.

Number of no-transaction fee mutual funds: None rated

Webull has no mutual funds.

Trading platform 5/5 stars

While new investors may feel overwhelmed by the amount of screens, indicators, charts and graphs available to them, those with some experience can quickly navigate the complex interface.

Webull excels in this area: combining the minimalist look and feel of the mobile-first generation with the power of a more advanced product. Webull has also created a platform that allows for intermediate-level trading as well as advanced trading. This helps users navigate their investment journeys and gain more experience.

Mobile app 5 stars

Webull has a highly recommended mobile app. This is because it caters to mobile-first customers. The app allows users to access advanced features like charts and indicator, as well voice command functionality and a paper trading account.

Research and data: Three out of five stars

Webull offers limited third-party research. It does however provide news, research, analysis, and data from trusted sources.

Customer support options available: 4.5 outof 5 stars

Webull offers customer support by phone and email 24/7

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Is Webull right to you?

Some brokers are better suited to beginners and those who don’t have a long-term plan. Webull could work well for you if you have intermediate experience and are interested trading active orders. It also offers technical analysis and advanced trading, which is an advantage over similar brokers.

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