What is Proptech And Brands That You Should Invest In

Technology is one of the greatest inventions that has arrived in the century. Its services have been very engaging to the point where people can connect anything they do to electronics and more. We have multiple possessions with excellent performance and various functionalities in a residential setting. It is known to be an instrument of efficiency and more. People today need to understand that to keep up in this modern world is to be inclined with technology. But then again, in a residential setting, we need a technology that will simply sit intact in your estate. That is what we call Proptech, or property technology. 

Once you own that, you will never go back to being basic. Owning Proptech gives you an overall view of your residential area, like a CCTV. Serve as awareness and could heighten your security. This period is the perfect time to invest, as there are many brands in the market, but there is only one that will be perfectly suitable for you. Invest your money in a trusted brand. Here are the top Proptech products for you to choose from;  all offer their excellence. Make sure to take notes on the details and decide what is best. Please share this with your friends for them to have a future reference on Proptech products. 

Top PropTech Product You Should Own An In-Depth Guide

1.) Baby Intercoms

For parents who want full supervision of their kids, that is impossible. Parents have their things to attend to; you will have another proxy to guard the child, or you could have a video intercom. The video intercom will cost you money, but a nanny could cost you more. This technology will serve as a CCTV, where you can view your baby on a monitor. Here are the brands that offer Baby Video Intercoms:

2.) Phillips Avent

To those parents who are on a budget, this brand is for you, as it is affordable and great for beginners. Phillips Avent’s product entails a 3.5″ color LCD, two-way audio talk, room temperature, and night vision. In addition, this brand has been receiving many positive reviews. So, if you ever purchase this, leave a review to give others some overview of your experience.

3.) Summer Infant

Like the previous brand, they have a lot of similarities. But, they have a 5″ color LCD, a two-way audio talk, and infrared night vision. Also, they have digital zoom, which is a good option if you want to clarify the visuals. 

After your baby grows up, a baby video intercom would not be enough. It is time for an upgraded video intercom. Remember, investing in Proptech products could also be for the overall betterment of your security, welfare, and everyday life. It is time to choose from top brands of video intercom that could cover not only your baby but the entirety of the residence. 

4.) Swiftlane

Top leading brand in the market that offers advanced technology. In terms of their video intercom, they have lots of features for method access. Namely, face-unlocking functionalities, key fobs, pin methods, and could do remote access to authorized persons. In addition, they have two variants, the Swiftreader and the Swiftreader X, and both cost differently. Plus, the look is aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to know more about Swiftlane, you could visit their official site. Plus, you could request a demo if you want an in-depth discussion about the product. Overall, this brand is known for its hospitable services and incredible inventions. 

5.) AlphaTouch Video Intercom System

The system is Android-based, so it could complicate the process if you are not an Android-inclined user. This system is a multi-tenant video intercom, suitable for those in a big community. You can also conduct remote access through your phones, but first, you must download their Alphatouch Mobile applications to operate thoroughly. 

6.) Latch Video Intercom System

Suppose you do not know if you want to achieve visuals; you need to install a camera first, which is not best for people who want an all-in-one service. People prefer built-in devices to have a one-time purchase on an item only. Hence, their system is still excellent. Their entry entails tactile buttons. 

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