Why We Love the DIRECTV Satellite Service & You Should, Too!

Satellite TV service has been quite popular in the country and adjoining regions like Latin America along with the Caribbean for more than the past two decades or so. Out of the many service providers, DIRECTV is one satellite-based TV service that’s noted for keeping up with the evolving times. There is no rocket science involved in the satellite television service, for it’s quite straightforward. Radio waves promptly deliver TV programming to the DIRECTV subscriber by direct transmission from the satellites in orbit. Every DIRECTV household has its service antennas fitted by the company technician, which are placed in open areas so that it is easier to catch radio signals for an effortless broadcast.

At present, DIRECTV sustains a fleet of fourteen satellites (and the numbers are expected to rise!) in orbit that ensure an extensive yet reliable service coverage across the country. Which is another reason why DIRECTV is considerably a better option than cable TV. More so, being a satellite-based service makes it accessible to American citizens from the east to the west coast. Besides, the TV service brings a myriad of options for one to select from, with the highest number of channels offered, which are around 330+ in the highest tier.

DIRECTV Channel Packages – Which One to Get?

Currently, DIRECTV offers four types of channel packages, which are as follows:

  • DIRECTV Entertainment
  • DIRECTV Choice
  • DIRECTV Ultimate
  • DIRECTV Premier

Each monthly plan is designed according to the unique needs and budget of the average consumer and aims to facilitate the digital preferences of the target audience. For instance, the DIRECTV Premier plan is a feature-rich package, which offers 340+ HD TV channels and premium TV networks, like HBO Max, SHOWTIME, or Cinemax to name a few.

But consumers, who are on the hunt for something economical should get their hands on the DIRECTV Entertainment package that opens with a promo price of $64.99 per month for an entire first service year. While facilitating subscribers with 165+ HD TV channels. Although DIRECTV offers lavish discounts for new subscribers, it’s not forgotten its dedicated customer base. The telecom company ensures that existing subscribers are always facilitated with different deals and concessions like the Reward Cards, for instance. Contact the DIRECTV representative at 1-855-925-2541 to know about all such discount possibilities in your area.

Some More Reasons to Love DIRECTV Satellite Service!

Here are some more:

Complement Your TV Set with the Ultra-Feasible Pair of AT&T Internet & DIRECTV

Whether you opt for DIRECTV or AT&T internet for the family, always check if the other digital service is available at your address so the two services can be paired together. For instance, consumers who are located in an area, where satellite TV service is considered more suitable, can opt for DIRECTV and pair it with AT&T internet for this ISP is easily available in most states of the U.S. Hence bringing more value to the digital service. The best part is that it’s the ideal match for any TV and doesn’t break the bank, which makes it even better!

Explore the Diverse Variety of TV Programming with DIRECTV

With DIRECTV packages, subscribers are never short of TV options. Offering live TV along with popular TV channels, the channel lineup is nothing less than impressive! Since the satellite service includes programming from every kind of genre present under the sun – from local TV channels to news networks to sports channels to movies & family entertainment to current affairs and a lot more. That’s why it’s safe to say that with DIRECTV, there is something for everyone. Personalize the DIRECTV package the way you like and wave goodbye to boredom today!

Elevate Your Love for Quality Television with These Incredible Add-ons

Trust DIRECTV to take the love of TV to the next level! With special add-ons and the Movies Extra Pack, subscribers get Smithsonian Channel, Hallmark Movies Hallmark Drama, MGM HD, Sony Movies, and MTV Live among several incredible options packed together in a fantastic plan. Choose your pick from an assortment of exclusive channel menus.

An On-Demand Library Unlike Any Other!

The on-demand library that’s powered by DIRECTV is consistently updated and available around the clock for subscribers so that they are never out of juicy entertainment options! Subscribers have the option to choose a new title from the on-demand library that hosts roughly 70K movie and TV show titles for audiences across the country, which can be enjoyed by DIRECTV customers no matter where they are!

Be Mesmerized by the Enchanting 4K HDR Video Experience

DIRECTV ensures that irrespective of what you watch on TV, it comes alive with the power of 4K HDR! And that includes all genres offered by the TV service, such as the season’s top NBA games as well. TV audiences will thoroughly be captivated by the 3D-rich picture format – sharper colors, enhanced contrast, and effortless service! Now enjoy 4K HDR video content, from cool Live! events like the latest concerts or your favorite movies and experience cinema-like programming without any hassle of the internet or buffering at the user end.

DIRECTV’s Family-Friendly Programming – The One That’s Not to be Missed!

With DIRECTV, parents no longer have to be worried about keeping an eye on their child, for the satellite TV service ensures that you have full control over digital programming. However, it is important to note that parental controls don’t technically work on related apps. For instance, if your child uses the DIRECTV app on their smartphone, then set parental controls on the phone. This will not only help to limit screen time but also regulate age-appropriate content for the youngster. Parents can also browse ratings for each piece and restrict video content, based on their ratings.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, some terrific reasons why this satellite TV service is deeply adored by target audiences across the country. If you are still wondering about which DIRECTV package should you get for your home, then simply contact DIRECTV customer support and get all your service-related concerns resolved quickly.

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