What’s a Snapstreak?

what39s a snap streak

A Snapstreak is an achievement you can achieve in Snapchat. To achieve it, you must send at least one Snap per day to the same person. If you are able to reach this goal, your streak will be shown in your inbox. It will be visible next to the person’s name. In order to achieve a streak, you need to be creative in creating your Snaps.

The Snapchat app shows an emoji next to the name of your friend if you are on a Snapstreak. This emoji can appear alone or in combination with other Snapchat emojis. If you have reached a Snapstreak in less than a month, the emoji will be replaced by an hourglass. Nevertheless, you should be aware that your streak will automatically reset once you miss a day.

Depending on the time of day, the first few hours of the day are better than the nighttime. This is because you can send snaps in the morning, which is more convenient. In addition, you can set an alarm to send snaps in the morning. If you’re planning to send snaps during the night, you can send them early in the morning. You can also send snaps to groups of people, but this doesn’t count towards your snapstreak.

A Snapchat streak starts with sending a Snap to a friend. If you send a snap to the same friend for three consecutive days, you’ll be on a streak. If you fail to send a snap for three days in a row, you’ll have to restart your streak. Afterwards, you’ll be shown a fire emoji next to your Snapchat username.

The longest Snapchat streak is held by Mia S of Oslo, Norway. She broke the previous record of 900 days on October 20, 2017. Mia S and her Snapchat partner Shaestn have been snapping for a combined 901 days, which is nearly two and a half years! You can also achieve multiple streaks by using Snapchat.

While it may be tempting to make Snapchat into a villain, the fact is that this social networking app can be beneficial and help kids build relationships. Parents can use parental control apps to limit the amount of time their children spend in the app. However, parents should not try to ban it or censor the activity on the social network.

Snapchat streaks are a social game that involves sending a Snap to a friend for three consecutive days. As the streak increases, the emoji next to a friend’s name will change. After three days, the emoji will be accompanied by a number, which shows how many days the streak was active. Once the streak reaches 100 days, it will change to a mountain emoji or red 100.

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