What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has been heard around a lot nowadays. The modern world has been centered around artificial intelligence in more than one way. Every single cellular smartphone being produced is equipped with different AIs depending on their operating systems. We have Siri for Apple, Google Assistant for numerous Android devices, and Alexa as an Amazon exclusive. So it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that AI has become an essential integral of human life. In this article, we would be discussing all Chat GPT.

Introuction to Chat GPT

So what is Chat GPT? Chat GPT is an AI chatbot system that was launched by OpenAI in November 2022, it quickly gained attention with its extraordinary features. The basic concept of working is that you can input a query or a subject regarding which you might need information, and the AI tool can generate information in a very conversational manner.

Although it was primarily introduced and was supposed to be for customer service it eventually was used for various other purposes. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and is a trained generative chatbot. It is impressive that it can reply to human interactions in such a normal way that it can be convinced as a real conversation between two people.

An excellent resource for researchers and various users as the AI tool can pretty much process anything that it was encountered. Trained on both biased as well as unbiased data and fed with various source articles, books, and websites, it has been developed with an utterly insane amount of knowledge and provides the most accurate results just through a single query. And we have discussed yet so many achievements of it, it is still an AI and is very much prone to error but the chances are indeed very low.

The number of tasks that it can perform ranges from writing simple essays or school/institutional work to drafting important business plans as well as generating codes. Needless to say, it has been drastically impacting human lives, and not all is a positive remark as the creator himself says that he fears it might occupy jobs in a lot of sectors which can in turn increase unemployment rates.

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How to register for Chat GPT?

Now that we have discussed such great uses of Chat GPT you might be considering using it, after all, to help you in your tasks. If so, we would be glad to help you guide through the process of registering.

You may need an email address of your own and a mobile number both of which you have access to at any time.

  • Through your browser, go to the AI account login page.
  • You can click on “Create an account” and if you have a google email id, you can pretty much login through that without the hassle, else, you can enter your email id and required details to sign up.
  • Click on the next button ad it would lead you to a page that would require you to enter your mobile number, enter the number and you will receive an OTP through which you have to verify that it is indeed your number.
  • Then you can register and log in through the SMS activation and on the top-right corner, you may see an option for a top-up.
  • go ahead and click on it and select your preferred plan and pay through your preferred mode of payment you can head back to the homepage.
  • You can search for AI services, click on Chat GPT, enter your mobile number for mobile verification, and send a code via SMS.
  • When you get the code, enter it in the OpenAI box to complete the process. You can now go ahead and choose the reason why you are using it and it should be done and ready to use.


AI services may be really good and very resourceful, especially with our busy hectic life of ours and we can get such an option at the ease of our fingertips, it’s hard not to be tempted into it. And while these might be great and accurate they would however, never be able to match up with human accuracy on certain parameters and the way humans interact with each other, for various educational or business purposes, it is indeed an excellent addition to your team and would work wonders for your projects or organizations. Let us know your thoughts below and hope this was informative and an easy guide for Chat GPT.