WhatsApp working on a new feature to let users get help easily

WhatsApp has been working on a number of fascinating improvements in recent months. It was recently discovered that the messaging app was testing an in-app chat assistance function.

Users will get help within the chat

In other words, WhatsApp is currently working on the capability of allowing users to contact and get help within the chat window. The in-app chat assistance function has been discovered by beta testers on both iOS and Android devices. WhatsApp has previously trialled a similar feature on the beta version of the app, but the function was removed before it could be made available on the stable version of the programme.

According to Wabetainfo, a WhatsApp feature tracker, the in-app chat support functionality was discovered in versions of WhatsApp for Android and 22.2.72 of WhatsApp for iOS. The current behaviour is that tapping on Help and then Contact Us will bring you to a different window where you’ll be prompted to submit your issues along with a photo of them attached. You will not be routed to a chat window at this time.

Status of the Update

Although it is not yet available in the beta versions, when you navigate to Settings > Help > Contact us, a new notice appears that states, “we will respond to you in a WhatsApp chat.” A WhatsApp message is then delivered to the user’s inbox from a confirmed account on the messaging service. A green checkmark appears next to the verified WhatsApp account.

Feel Free to get Help from WhatsApp

Your phone number, network information (whether over 3G, LTE or 5G Wi-Fi), your WhatsApp and OS versions (which may help them analyse your issue and is optional) are given when you contact WhatsApp. We do not know whether or not the functionality will be made available to non-beta users at this time because it is presently being tested. Users will be able to express their concerns more freely if they have the opportunity to report issues from within the conversation. Furthermore, users will receive timely replies from the app in regard to their difficulties.

WhatsApp is currently developing new sketching tools, which is relevant to the previous point. Several sources have stated that WhatsApp would be adding new pencils and tools to allow users to draw on photographs and videos. In other words, you may now doodle on photographs and videos before transmitting them.

WhatsApp now only features one pencil choice, however, it will be expanded to include more pencil alternatives in the future. Different sizes of the pencil would be available—a thicker one and a smaller one, for example. According to the article, users would have the option of obscuring particular areas of the photographs if they so want. The tool is likewise in the early stages of development. The new capabilities are scheduled to be given out to the WhatsApp for Android beta version soon after its release.

WhatsApp is a free messaging software for smartphones that can be downloaded from the app store or google play store. WhatsApp sends messages, photos, music, and video through the internet. 

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