Why You Should Prefer Dodge Challenger Over Other Muscle Cars

Looking for a monster to drive on the streets and superhighways of Dubai, then one no can be a better partner of yours than Dodge Challenger. This masterpiece muscle car is beating all other competitors in so many ways. 

To enjoy the trip in the UAE with the iconic design battling car, a trustworthy car rental Dubai will be your ultimate solution. As Dubai is the hub of opportunity and to visit the hubbub of the city, all need to rent a Dodge Challenger from trusted Dubai rentals. 

Best Dodge Challenger Rental in Dubai

Before convincing you Why You Should Prefer Dodge Challenger Over Other Muscle Cars, let us make it vivid by giving the information about the best Dodge rental in Dubai. And that show stopper rental company in Dubai is known as Faster rent a car. This rental company has worked for over two decades in Dubai and earned a good reputation. Every type of vehicle is available: a sports car, supercar, convertible, or another. If you are looking for a muscle car, especially Dodge Challenger, stop there as it is the right place to land. 

Let’s move forward and find out what makes the Dodge Challenger better than all other Muscle cars as a Dodge Challenger has earned the cult.

Only Challenger with All Wheel drive

With every passing day, the environmental changes are hauling the drivers and sports persons so there needs to be a solution in the shape of a car that can drive in all weathers. Dodge Challenger solves this issue as it comes with AWD. This feature gives more stability and traction in poor weather. For further information, it is mentioned that this wheel drive comes only in V6 Challenger as there was no AWD option for V8.

This all-wheel drive feature will add memory and luxury to having fun in the snow or spinning the sand in the desert. All muscle cars are known for their straight-line driving experience, as muscle cars are for those whose adrenals are exciting enough glands that can allow them to run a vehicle towards heaven. So after keeping in mind this death wish of muscle car lovers.  

Dodge Challenger With A Comfortable Interior

Space is another feature that makes the Challenger best over other muscle cars. In Challenger, there is lots of room, even in the back seat, that makes it comfortable even for longer journeys.

The Dodge Challenger gets ambient lighting, excellent materials on the dashboard and doors, and faux-sued seat inserts with the plus package. As part of the Plus Package, high-intensity discharge headlights, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alerts are also included. 

Dodge Challenger also offers an additional seven cubic feet compared to the other muscle cars. This extra space allows the Challenger to carry two extra luggage bags than others. Additionally, the 2022 Dodge Challenger features a large centre console that can be used to place smartphones. 

back side
back side

Affordable Muscle Car

To make up the life statement in a hip-hop way that is also pocket-friendly, the Dodge Challenger is the best. This is why it should be preferred over other muscle cars, as they offer lower prices than cars of the same calibre. 

The Same Vehicle With Different Flavors

No need to get bored, as there is one dish with different flavours. Reading it right, we all know that no convertible Challenger exists, but Dodge offers this model in several distinctive flavours to change the taste. From standard V6 and V8 models, over to Scat Pack and 392 versions, to sublime Hellcat or Demon unique models. Choose as per your taste. 

Hemi V8 Is The Cherry On The Top

The heart of the beasts, this statement truly depicts the power of Dodge, as it has one of the legendary engines called Hemi. One of the best engine choices, and in the current Challenger, it comes in several versions. With close to 800 horsepower, it is the most powerful. No car in the world can rival that kind of power, not even the Shelby GT500.

Challenger Comes In The Classical Look

Modern style muscle car with a classical touch; this is true for Dodge Challenger. A vehicle with all modern-day features but still giving the look and grace of the 1970s. 

As seen in this digital rendering, the vintage monster retains its timeless exterior styling while sporting a bulkier look.

Final Verdict

Need to know more about Dodge Challenger? No, as we have mentioned every outstanding feature of this marvellous Challenger makes it better than other muscle cars. Don’t think twice; go and book your Dodge Challenger from the trusted Dodge Challenger rental Dubai such as Fast rent a car and make your trip memorable. 

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