How to Prevent WiFi Hacking?

The speed with which hackers are able to work these days is incredible. A subject that is frequently asked these days is how to avoid wifi hacking, and if you are not vigilant, it is only a matter of time until you become a victim of this crime. Because of how flexible and portable a wireless network may be, many individuals prefer to connect to the Internet using one. However, wireless networks are frequently the most susceptible type of internet connection accessible on the internet.

As a wireless Internet user, it is critical that you take the appropriate precautions to safeguard your Internet connection while also researching on a regular basis to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how wireless networks operate. This post will provide you with a few pointers on how to keep your wireless broadband Internet connection safe from being hacked.

How to Prevent WiFi Hacking?

1) Keep your contact information up to date on a regular basis

The first action you should do to defend your wireless network is to ensure that your contact information is up to date on a regular basis. It might be anything from your password or wifi keys to your SSID that is included in this section. Changing your wireless network details on a regular basis will make it difficult for hackers to track down your network and, as a result, make it impossible for them to hack you. Hackers are constantly on the lookout for networks to hack, and in most cases, they don’t just decide what to hack immediately.

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2) Hide your Wi-Fi network’s SSID

While there is no assurance that your network will be protected, this method is nonetheless effective to a certain level in protecting it. The fact is that there are hackers out there that can easily figure out your wireless network SSID, even if you have it hidden. However, many of them employ sophisticated tools that most script kiddies will not have access to. A WiFi tracker is frequently employed as well. In some cases, hiding your SSID will make it hard for hackers to discover your network and hence hack into it. Make certain that you only share your wifi SSID with people you know and trust.

3) Keep your software up to date on a regular basis

Another precaution you can take to keep your wireless internet network safe from hacking is to keep your drivers up to date on a regular basis. Your wireless network card or router drivers, as well as your antivirus and firewall software, might all be examples of what you need to update. Despite the fact that this software and drivers are doing a lot to protect your network, they do have their own bugs, which may or may not have been fixed in an update – by regularly updating your software packages, you will significantly reduce the chances of your network being hacked as a result of a bug in an out of date version.

4) Modify your default information

I realise that this is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people still fail to see it. Make sure you update the default login and password that came with your wireless network and other devices before using them. These parameters include your SSID, your router’s name, your password, your router’s IP address, and any other default information that your router provides. Make sure you modify that information to something that only you can remember, and that you keep them up to date on a regular basis. A hacker will think of ways to compromise a PC if the default information is changed as a result of altering the default information.

The majority of the time, if you’re not sure what the default settings for your wireless router/devices are, you can simply find out by reading the manual that came with it or searching the Internet for more information.

The Final Word on How to Prevent WiFi Hacking

As a result, these four methods are certain to keep your Wifi safe from being hacked. We put these four approaches to the test and found them to be quite effective. As a result, before looking for how to avoid wifi hacking, make sure you’ve tried and tested the suggestions we’ve provided. Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments section.

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