1972 D Quarter Errors

Are you a passionate coin collector and want to know about the various kinds of errors on the 1972 D quarter? This article will provide some tips. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes found on these coins. While the grade and appearance of these coins can affect their value, it is not a reason to skip the table containing the relevant information. In 1972, a second seven was added to the design, which was not done on prior quarters.

Despite the low mintage of the second half of the year, the 1972-D quarters are comparatively rare. The mintage for circulated grades is over 300 million examples. Although circulated coins up to MS66 are easily available, examples of the second half of this coin are exceedingly hard to find. This is primarily because of the low number of examples struck in the higher grades. Moreover, the 1971-D Washington Quarter is one of the most expensive coins ever issued by the US Mint.

These coins feature the portrait of George Washington on the reverse. Some of these coins feature striking hits on the portrait of George Washington. In addition, these coins often have a truncated bust. These coins may also have an MS66 or MS67 grade. The MS66 grade is the most common; MS67 is rarer. These coins may cost up to 30 dollars. Nonetheless, they do not represent a good investment.

Other mistakes on these coins include the presence of an extra leaf on the reverse side. A coin with an extra leaf is rare in good condition. There are many other errors, such as doubling in the middle of a word or a sliver of a tree. It is a difficult process to determine which type of error you have. Some coins are just unlucky. If you find one in a collection, it might be worth your while to seek out a rare specimen.

One of the most expensive 1971-S quarters is PR-69. This coin is almost flawless and could fetch you thousands of dollars. It is estimated that there are approximately five million 1970-S quarters minted. Some of these quarters were minted as proofs only, and the San Francisco Mint minted only the corresponding proof 1970-S quarters. This makes a small number of 1970-S errors on these coins worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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