2019 P Dime

The 2019 P Dime is a new coin from the United States mint. Its face value is one dollar. The standard version is made from 90% silver while the proof dimes are made from a combination of copper and nickel. Proof dimes are worth more than standard Roosevelt dimes. Each coin has its own mint mark that can be found on the obverse side of the coin. If you are interested in purchasing a proof dime, be sure to read the following information to learn more.

The Obverse of the 2019 P Dime features the profile of President Franklin Roosevelt on the left and the Reverse is emblazoned with an olive branch, torch, and oak branch, which represent peace and strength. The reverse is similarly designed, although the coin you receive will have slight variations. This is because the image used for a design is one of the smallest of the three. The reverse will be a more complex design and will have more details, but the actual coin is similar to the image on the stock website.

The 1999 D and P dimes are worth about $2 in MS 65 condition, while the S proof dime is worth $4. The most valuable dimes in the series are the 1964 Copper-Nickel Clad Roosevelt Dime and the 1982 No-P dime. Uncirculated condition is highly desirable. The 1982-D dime is rare and worth $1 to $2, while the 1989-P Roosevelt dime is worth more than two dollars.

The current edition of the P dime can be purchased on Amazon. A good-quality coin is highly collectible, with a high luster and eye appeal. Be aware of the presence of light contact marks and blemishes on the coin. This type of dime can be very expensive, and a rare one could even fetch up to $2 million. If you’re interested in buying a 2019 P dime, be sure to do your homework before making a purchase.

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