Honeywell R7284 Error Codes – How to Fix Oil Burner Lockout

If your oil furnace is giving out Honeywell r7284 error codes, it could mean that your oil burner has locked out. This is due to either no ignition, a faulty flame, or a CAD cell issue. In most cases, a faulty oil valve is the main culprit for this problem. Fortunately, there are solutions for this problem. Read on to learn how to fix it. If you are not familiar with CAD cells, here are the steps to fix your furnace’s lockout error.

The first thing to do is to check the CAD cell. CAD cell is a key part of the primary control system. It senses the presence of oil burner flame to control the amount of oil. If the CAD cell is out of phase, the furnace will enter the lockout mode. The problem may also stem from a faulty oil valve or CAD cell. In addition, if there is no heat coming out of your Honeywell furnace, the problem could also be caused by an ignition out-of-sequence.

The next step is to check the solenoid valve. It is the primary control. If the solenoid valve has an error code, you should replace it. The resistance of the valve should be at least 447 ohms. If you’re not sure whether or not your solenoid valve is defective, consult your instruction manual. There is a good chance that you are facing a different issue.

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