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Start Your Own Celebrity Video-Sharing Platform Like Cameo

Video Sharing Platform
Video Sharing Platform

Cameo is a video-sharing platform that allows people to hire celebrities, artists, or models of all types to create custom video messages for any occasion. For example, you can hire Ruben Studdard, an American Idol winner, to sing a favourite song to your partner and dedicate it to them. Doesn’t it sound amaze?

Cameo has seen steady growth over the last couple of years which gives an advantage to the platform, making it a more competitive option. Fulfilling over 2000 video requests every day, the platform has introduced new money-making features like in-app video chat and subscription tiers. The popularity of subscription-based video-sharing services inspires entrepreneurs to create platforms like Cameo to provide opportunities for content creators. 

In this blog, we will be exploring in depth how to create a Cameo clone or and customize it according to your requirements. 

How does Cameo work?

Cameo is a video-sharing content creator platform that connects celebrities from the media, fitness, music, and sports industries with fans who would like to have personalized video messages. Prices differ for every celebrity based on their popularity and celebrity status. It is obvious that it costs as little as $1 to $15 to hire beginners, and prices for celebrities can range from $15 to $3000. 

To book the Cameo of a model, a user must click on the “Book button” on the celebrity profile and request the video. The celebrity can then take a week to respond to the request (either deny or accept. If they choose to accept the request, they have to create the video and send it to the user. The cameo app even has a pandemic reified campaign category form in which all the profit goes to COVID-19 charity relief programs.

How Cameo makes money

The primary income of Cameo and, in general, all adult content creation marketplaces comes from commissions. Cameo takes 25% of every transaction. Cameo users have bought over 560,000 videos from approximately 20,000 celebrities. The videos recorded by celebrities are popularly known as Cameos. Cameos are delivered via text or email. Most cameo videos are ordered as special occasion gifts, for birthdays and anniversaries.

MVP features of Cameo like celebrity app

A celebrity app like Cameo has numerous features for artists to monetize their exclusive content. Besides the basic features, the platform also has some special features where businesses can obtain licenses to reuse the celebrity content in their marketing campaigns. For business cameos, creators can charge a premium price. For example, Charlie Sheen, the American actor who charges $550 for a regular brand, charges up to $5000 for brands. 

Here are some of the essential features of a cameo-like application:

User registration

The cameo platform allows people to sign up as a fan of artists. The standard registration for users is through name, email, vial phone number, or through social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook.


Personal profiles in Cameo have all the information about a user. If the user is a celebrity, the profile will contain personal information, for example, videos, the price to book the celebrity, the general response time, and videos previously created for other users, reviews etc. 

Public feed

In the user’s public feed, they can share videos and view what other users share. The feature is just like TikTok or Instagram feed. People are used to receiving information in their feed, so adding a feed to your clone app would be a good idea.

One-to-one video streaming

The cameo app allows celebrities to interact with their fans using one-to-one live streaming. Adding a video call feature to your app is an important feature to consider. 


With this feature, fans can search for celebrities who are nearby to their location.

In-app payments

By activating in-app payments, you can allow users to pay celebrities for requested videos through the payment channels supported by the platform.


Cameo features a comment section where users can ask questions about videos. It also serves as a messaging platform for users to chat with artists and ask about anything they want to know. 

Live chat

Artists can connect with their fans using live streaming and live messaging, establishing long-term relationships.

Push notifications

Integrate push notifications to notify users about the latest updates, new messages, chat invitations, and know when their favorite celebrities are online. 

Star ratings

After receiving the requested videos, users can share the star rating of their favorite artists. This helps other users to make informed decisions.

Steps to develop a celebrity video sharing app like Cameo

Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to build a celebrity video app like Cameo

Conduct a target market analysis

When building a celebrity video sharing platform like Cameo, you have to research your target market to identify and understand your audience. Find as many details you can collect about your potential users.

  • Demographics.
  • Behavioral trends.
  • Interests and challenges.
  • Users’ security expectations.

Choose a business model

A business model of your Cameo app is not just the way your website will generate revenue; it covers the entire aspects of running a business. The three standard business models you can choose from are the following. 

●      Freemium

Users can download the app for free and pay to upgrade to access premium features and tools. 

●      Paid

Users must pay to access the platform beside the subscriptions for accessing the content. 

●      In-app purchases

In-app purchases facilitate users to pay for different features, tools. etc. inside the app. 

●      Advertising

Some content creation marketplaces run ads where they partner with brands to advertise their content.

Select the development method

The obvious way to build a celebrity video app like Cameo is to hire a development team to work with. However, the entire development phase will take months or even a year if the app is complex. It involves a lot of stages and costs a lot, depending on the features you need.

So what is the best approach to creating a Cameo-like app? You can use a subscription-based content creator community platform. If you are looking for a smart recommendation, Fanso is an community marketplace script which is a highly customizable script that provides you 100% access to the source code. 


Launching a celebrity video-sharing app like Cameo is a time-consuming and challenging task. But if done correctly, you can grow your community marketplace business and bring value to users. Choose the right tech partner to assist you in simplifying the entire business process. 

Muhammad Asim is a Professional Blogger, Writer, SEO Expert. With over 5 years of experience, he handles clients globally & also educates others with different digital marketing tactics.

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