Anjanath Hardfang Location in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Anjanath Hardfang is a very valuable item that will give your character a lot of advantages in the game. It is used in melee combat and can kill up to 10 enemies in a single fight. In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you can obtain a Mystic Hardfang by farming. You can also find Monstre Furious Rajang in this game.

Monstre Furious Rajang

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has many new and different monsters to fight, as well as new variants of old monsters. This edition also introduces the Furious Rajang, which was popular during the last expansion, but now has more damaging abilities. This new variant has a dorsal claw and can be deadly from a distance. This new monster is found in the Fury Remains area.

You can find Anjanath Hardfang by doing various quests in Monster Hunter Rise. During the game, you will come across the large Brute Wyvern monster named Anjanath. Once you defeat him, you will be awarded with 2 Anjanath Hardfang. You can also obtain it by breaking Anjanath’s head or carving its body. This item is rare, so it’s not easy to come by.

The location also provides several opportunities for Mystic Hardfang drops. During the quest, you’ll need to kill Khezu at Master Rank, so it’s best to find other hunters to join you in the quest. Moreover, this boss doesn’t speak with random hunters, so make sure to find people who know the way to deal with him.

Monstre Rajang variante in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Monstre Rajang variante is an extremely difficult enemy that you need to learn in order to succeed. These monsters are incredibly angry and have a range of devastating attacks. These include the Lightning Fist Slam and the Furious Grab and Slam. They also launch projectiles, which explode on impact. The Furious Rajang can also perform lightning attacks and spit lightning orbs.

Another new monster that you can face in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the Furious Rajang. This monster is extremely powerful and is the hardest monster in the game. Its attack power is much higher than normal Rajangs and has no tail. This monster is a very tough one, and should only be used by players who are experienced in monster hunting.

There are also several returning monsters that will be returning in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, including the Monstre Rajang variante. This is a new monster variant and is slightly harder than the other monsters in the game. Its arm blades are larger and it’s covered in hellfire. Also joining the game in August are the Seething Bazelgeuse and the Lucent Nargacuga.

There are also several new monsters in the expansion. The classic Bazelguese has a love-hate relationship with fans. They are a nuisance when it comes to fighting monsters, but they can also help you out if you are able to win a turf war. The Seething Bazelguese is an even more volatile and explosive monster than its classic counterpart. It can even hurl hunters high into the air.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a massive expansion for the game. It adds more than a dozen new enemies, as well as a new sub-category of “afflicted” monsters. Among these new enemies are a couple of monsters that were previously in the series, while others are entirely new. The game also has a new Master Rank, and it allows you to unlock the Navirou Palicoe armor.

While the Monstre Rajang variante is a great addition to the game, it’s not the best monster in the game. If you don’t want to waste time fighting it, you can always make use of NPCs to help you. While you’re at it, you can use the skills that the NPCs give you to withstand the dragon’s attacks.

Obtaining Mystic Hardfangs

If you’re looking for some tips on obtaining Mystic Hardfangs in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ve come to the right place. These hardfangs are rare and valuable crafting materials that are used for Armor Sets and Weapons. In this guide, we’ll go over the most common ways to obtain this legendary material.

Mystic Hardfangs are obtained by defeating the Master Rank Flying Wyvern Khezu. This large monster has no eyes, which means it uses its nose and smell to find its prey. It has the Element of Thunder, so it can inflict Thunderblight, Paralysis, and Stun. It also has a specialized orifice in its tail, which allows it to stick to ceilings.

The Mystic Hardfang is a useful material, but it can be a bit difficult to find in Master Rank quests. One of the easiest ways to get one is to defeat Khezu, a blind wyvern that can unleash massive bolts of electricity.


Anjanath Hardfang is an important crafting material in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s a rare and valuable material that can be used to make various items and weapons. In the Sunbreak Expansion, it was introduced in the game. You can craft various weapons and armour sets using it.

The difficulty of Monster Hunter Sunbreak’s quests varies greatly. While early ranks may be better off going for multiple basic monsters, later ranks will want to focus on harder quests. While it’s important to make your time count, don’t forget that a lot of your time will be wasted if the monsters run away from you. For that reason, quests set in arenas are the best option for quick kills.

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