Are digital books better than physical ones?

Books have been a core concept of our life since pretty much we entered the stage where we would be able to understand the information that has been put upon us. Humans have read books of all kinds, be it starting from our schooling years which included the basic ABCs and numbers to books on calculus, science, and business courses.

Books have been the ultimate epitome of knowledge and have provided us with insane amounts of knowledge throughout the years. From ancient scriptures to the great Shakespeare’s works, we have all grown up based on that as that has been the single evidence of whatever has happened in the past.

Books, however, are made of paper, and paper is indeed derived from trees. That has not been a sustainable part of it, which is indeed something that has been hurting the environment, and millions of trees have been chopped off because of our dire need for paper. Although efforts for sustainable means of paper are in great work, and recycling paper has been great innovative ways that book companies have taken over the years but it still is not enough…

During the pandemic period, we have learned that online form of education is something that can be looked up to in the future, although it has been very efficient considering students are losing the urge to study during online classes, it can be a great possibility and how were we passing notes during the pandemic? Of course, it was through online means. So does that mean that digitally provided readable copies can be a solution to the chopping of trees for paper needs? With that being said, let’s discuss as to how digitally provided readable material can be a substitute.

Advantages of Digital Books

Space Management

To have even like 20 books. you might need a decent amount of space where the books would not be damaged or can be retained and kept respectfully, this can acquire space and might get a little annoying. While you can have documents of books countlessly kept on your device. It wouldn’t require any space like how it would take as a bookshelf. Not to mention there can even be thousands of books in one place, especially with reading apps and devices such as Kindle and various other book-reading platforms.

Saving nature

The main cause to shift from having physical copies of books to digitally acquired books is to save the environment. These are the same books that are in your hand in the form of a Word document or a PDF file. Wouldn’t it be great to have these trips that are already doing so much for us to be chopped off for something that we have such a great replacement for?


Searching for a certain book and even in that a specific part of it can be a hassle that no one would want to go through. Having books in such document form can help you search for something you require in an instant and can save you time as well.

While we discuss these advantages of having digital prints of books rather than physical copies, there can be some disadvantages to these methods, some of which are discussed below.

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Disadvantages of Digital books

Eyesight and health issues

While reading books digitally can almost equally be the same in terms of acquiring knowledge, it is nowhere the same when it comes to the impact it has on your body and mind. Your eyes can be severely damaged when you constantly read from a screen with the amount of light especially because of the amount of strain it would put on your eyes.

Losing Hand-writing practice

Handwriting practice is something that is a crucial part of one’s education. But if we move the digitally provided notes, students would need to write any sort of notes, which can affect their writing capabilities.

Loss of a touch of the book

Real book readers would understand the feeling of having a book in your hand and reading from it and the great relaxation vibe gives off which just cannot be imitated through these screens and lights. It helps relax your mind and not put any sort of strain as you might experience when you read through a screen.


With this, we conclude our article on how digital books might just take over real books. It will be sat how technologies could be robbing from some of the most humane experiences while also making our life convenient and easy for us to be able to enjoy life. Let us know what your thoughts are about digital books to be taking over real books.