What Artificial Intelligence Can’t do?

Repetitive tasks that used to take people a long time have been automated by artificial intelligence (AI). It is related to Data Science and Machines using artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies make key business choices. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) robots on manufacturing production lines are on the rise.

Robot vacuum cleaners are being used in thousands of homes, decreasing the need for human cleaners. Artificial intelligence (AI) appears to be on the verge of eliminating a slew of employment. But is there anything AI can’t accomplish? Can artificial intelligence take the place of some types of jobs?

What AI or Artificial Intelligence Cannot Do?

Human-like behaviour mimicking is the ultimate objective of artificial intelligence (AI). An AI system can swiftly and efficiently recognise and categorise items based on past inputs, among other things. However, there are parts of some activities that AI cannot perform. Here are a few examples:


When it comes to making complex and strategic judgments, AI-powered systems aren’t up to the challenge. After evaluating rows of financial data, AI may not advocate investing in a fledgling firm. An angel investor, on the other hand, may see the investment as strategic for a variety of complex reasons including market trends, unquantifiable company strategies, and personal ties.

Recognize the linkage

It is possible to uncover patterns and data linkages with the help of AI-powered algorithms and robots. Advertising AI, for example, can tell what your favourite shows are and when you watch them the most. Google Docs can tell which papers you access first thing in the morning just by looking at your history.

AI, on the other hand, is unable to comprehend the underlying origins and repercussions of such patterns. Why do you watch the same show on the same day of the week for so long? Every morning, what compelled you to open a specific document? Humans are born with the ability to discern cause and effect. Opening a document each morning to check for work-related information or to check off items on a to-do list is something we’ve all done. Due to the sheer volume of data that AI is fed, they are unable to correctly interpret and convey the causes and effects.

Think beyond the box

Although AI systems may be trained to draw and write phrases, they frequently rely on human inputs. This AI-generated live image, for example, is based on the Mona Lisa and is inspired by the Harry Potter books. Even though AI-created art might be engaging and visually attractive, it typically relies on human artists’ inherent inventiveness. Using a generative adversarial network (GAN), the portrait below was developed and sold for $432,000. To create this artwork, an AI was fed 15,000 images of people.


AI is capable of making an accurate cancer diagnosis, but how can it convey this information to patients and their loved ones in a way that shows compassion? Empathy-deficient robots may also have difficulty teaching younger students in the primary grades. To teach AI computers empathy, they would have to be able to perceive the emotions of other people. This would be extremely difficult.

Logical Thinking

When it comes to everyday issues, common sense is what most people have. Running away from an approaching automobile is a basic sense when walking along the street. The same logic applies if someone says, “I’m going to the hairdresser,” in which case it’s safe to presume they’re going for a haircut. AI computers may not have the same intuitive understanding of this as humans. They can avoid an automobile because they have sensors rather than common sense, therefore yes, they can avoid an oncoming car. Humans, on the other hand, are more likely to ignore a wailing infant who is obstructing their path, even when it’s in their best interest.


These are the present limitations of artificial intelligence. A creative and emphatic robot that understands cause and effect, has common sense and makes smart judgments is difficult to envision at this time.

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