Apple may be planning to bring the UWB technology to Macs

In recent weeks, Apple has made beta editions of the next software update for its iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers available for download. There will be a new feature in the macOS Monterey 12.3 update, which is presently in beta, that will be available to Mac users shortly.

Apple UWB update soon

This capability has been available on the iPhone for quite some time. It has been discovered in the internal files of the macOS 12.3 beta software update that Apple may be bringing ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to Macs in the near future.

It has been reported that the most recent beta version of the macOS software has frameworks and daemons (which are part of the background systems) that are required by the ultra-wideband technology that is implemented on Apple devices. These identical parts are included in the iPhone models equipped with the U1 processor, which allows them to support an ultra-wideband capability.

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What is Ultra-wideband (UWB)?

Ultra-wideband, often known as UWB, is a short-range wireless communication technique that devices utilise to maintain a sense of where they are in relation to one another. Apple debuted UWB for the first time on an iPhone in 2019 and gradually increased the number of compatible devices by adding the Apple Watch, AirTags, and HomePod mini.

Apple products may connect with one another and be aware of their precise location in close proximity thanks to the use of UWB technology. This technology also allows certain Apple devices to trade AirDrop files more quickly, to utilise AirPlay more quickly, and to enable CarKey authentication without the need to remove the iPhone from the pocket of the user’s pants. The Find My network makes advantage of UWB to determine the precise position of the user.

UWB technology will boost Macs

If the new beta software is any indication, Apple may be intending to deliver all of these perks to Mac users in the near future. However, in order for Macs to be able to benefit from UWB technology, they will require the U1 or a chip that is comparable and compatible.

To yet, the UWB technology is only available in devices with a screen, with the iPhone and Apple Watch being the exceptions. Even the most recent iPad devices do not have it. This just indicates that Apple is experimenting with the possibility of incorporating UWB technology into large-screen devices.

If the codes relating to Unified Wireless Broadband (UWB) technology uncovered in the macOS 12.3 beta are accurate, it might be conclusive evidence that Apple is open to the possibility of Macs receiving exact location technology. It is still unclear when the Mac models equipped with the U1 processor will be released. For the time being, rumours predict that Apple will introduce the MacBook Air with an M2 processor, a MacBook Pro with improved hardware, and a 27-inch iMac Pro this year, among other things.

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