WhatsApp backups may get limited Google Drive space

According to several internet sources, Google Drive backups for Android devices may no longer have limitless storage capacity in the future, and this might have a negative impact on users. WhatsApp users on iPhones already have a limited amount of storage space available for iCloud backups. This is not the case, however, for Android users, who have so far been supplied with limitless storage space on Google Drive for the purpose of archiving their conversation backup files.

WhatsApp may make some adjustments to its Android app to assist customers in managing the number of their backups.

According to a report from WABetaInfo, several strings have surfaced in the code of the instant messaging programme, indicating that an upgrade is now in progress.

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According to an image posted by WABetaInfo, the strings that indicate notifications for warning users when Google Drive is almost full and is about to hit the specified quota are visible. These notifications might be sent out when users back up their WhatsApp conversations. Additional choices to exclude specific file types from backup may be made available to customers in order to prevent exceeding their allocated storage space limit.

Google would provide a limited number of storage quotas for backups of WhatsApp conversations. It is possible that it will go above and beyond the present 15GB of free storage offered on Google Drive. It differs from the existing situation, in which Google Drive provides limitless storage for the purpose of storing backups from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp backups do not currently consume any of the Google Drive storage space that customers have access to them. iPhone users, on the other hand, are denied this access since Apple considers WhatsApp backups to be a portion of the user’s iCloud storage allowance.

A large number of news organisations have reached out to both WhatsApp and Google for comments on the latest version. WhatsApp added end-to-end encrypted cloud backups for both Android and iOS smartphones in September, allowing users to better protect their conversations. The functionality was made available to people all across the world in October.

In light of the company’s decision last year to discontinue the unlimited free storage advantage provided to users of Google Photos, it would not be shocking to see Google discontinue the unlimited storage allotment for WhatsApp backups. The shift might be interpreted as an attempt to get customers to sign up for paying Google One plans, which start at $1.99 per month in the United States for basic 100GB cloud storage access.

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