A Business Card Template Will Help You Save Time and Money

Are you looking for a business card that has an aura of energy and vibrancy? If so, you should consider creating your own luxury business card printing. Creating your own business card gives you more creative freedom than most business cards provide. It also allows you to make a statement and to help your prospects to develop a positive feeling about you, your company, and your product.

Many professionals in the industry will tell you that having your own business cards is much more effective than using the generic, boring business cards that are available everywhere.

Why I recommend Aura Print

Aura Print was founded by Liam Smith, a director who started the company in 2007 from his basement. He printed for local businesses using flyers and business cards. It started out as flyers and business cards, but it grew to include more machinery.

Twelve years later, and three locations later Aura Print The team is now larger and has more than a century of printing experience. We use our small size to our advantage, offering excellent customer service, quick turnaround, and a wide product range with many customizability options that would be difficult to achieve on a larger scale. We are always open to trying new finishes, so if you want something extra special, we can help.

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aura print

Some Most Popular Questions And Their Answers 

Where are you based?

Huddersfield. In June, we moved into a larger office (7,000sqm). This means we now have an open office as well as a large print floor. We’re also filling it with more finishing equipment.

What does your firm do?

We don’t know what we can do. We do everything we can in-house. One thing we’re really proud of is our metallic foil finishing, so much so we’ve launched a new website just for foil called The Foil Printing Co (thefoilprintingco.com). We are sorry for the shameless plug.

What’s your typical customer?

It’s all! We print for small businesses, sole traders, and SME’s all the way up to large corporations and major brands.

Which geographic areas do you serve?

While we love serving our own home in West Yorkshire, we also have the ability to work with companies all over the UK. We have expanded our reach to the USA with the launch of our foil site. It has been challenging but fun.

What’s your USP?

There are many, but our core values are customer service. We go above and beyond to provide excellent quality, quick turnarounds, unbeatable customizability, and a great customer experience. We do our best to please our customers so that they return to us for all of our services.

What equipment do you run?

We own a Konica 1085, and our latest investment is a Konica 685. It is amazing how accurate it is. We have three Roland wide-format machines and two Vivid laminators. These are our workhorses. There are many other machines, such as creasers and booklet makers, plotters, and guillotines.

What’s been your proudest achievement in the past few years?

Our team has grown tremendously over the last few years. We are all now able to work together and produce amazing prints that make our customers happy. We are also proud of the positive reviews we get from customers. This is a reflection of the hard work and cares the team puts into their products. 

Where do you see your business in five years’ time?

We’d love to see enough American business in five years so we can open another printing facility. A sunny spot with a swimming pool sounds ideal!


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