Best Bleed Weapons in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

There are many options when it comes to bleed weapons in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here, we will look at the Cross-Naginata, Hookclaws, Eleanoras Poleblade, and Morgott’s cursed sword.


The Cross-Naginata bleed weapon is an excellent choice for a mage. Its range and speed are impressive, and the build-up of blood damage makes it particularly deadly. In addition, the Whip can be dual wielded, which makes it a powerful tool in any fight.

In addition, Cross-Naginata deals average bleed damage, so it’s not a bad choice for melee players. However, its damage does not scale with arcane. However, it’s worth noting that the Cross-Naginata has a special ability called Seppuku Ashes of War, which increases the damage of your attacks. This effect can be applied to all sorts of attacks, from sprints to crouch attacks.

Another great choice for melee players is the Blood Cross UCHIGATANA. This weapon scales very well with both strength and Dexterity, and its bleed effect is passive. It can also be dual-wielded, which increases damage and fills the bleed meter much faster than a single-wielding sword.

The Cross Naginata bleed weapons for elden rogue are very strong in PVP. You can take advantage of the bleed from a cross-naginata if you’re looking to be a dominant player.

The Uchigatana is a powerful weapon that scales with Strength and Dexterity. To use this weapon, you need to have at least 11 Strength and 15 Dexterity. You can even equip it with a bleed Ash of War to deal tons of damage in a short period of time. If you have the patience to grind out the weapon, you’ll find it’s a good option.


Hookclaws are a great choice for PVP, due to the ease of use and their easy access. They are an excellent weapon for building up your blood loss quickly and can be equipped in both hands early on. You can get hookclaws from a corpse in Stormveil Castle, and they also have low stat requirements. They can also be upgraded individually, as well as by bolstering them with Ashes of War.

Hookclaws are a great choice for PvE because they are one of the lighter weapons in the game, but they still deal beefy damage. They also rip very fast, which makes them great for building blood. Combined with Bloodhounds Finesse, they can be very effective at building a lot of bleed damage fast. These weapons are also nice looking on a Tarnished claw.

Hookclaws are one of the best blood weapons in the Elder Ring, and they are a great choice for players who want to get powerful fast. They can be used to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies and bosses. The hookclaws have a lot of useful special abilities, including a bloody slash, which takes large chunks of their health out of the enemy. If you have enough blood, this weapon can be converted into a full bleed weapon and scales with Dexterity and Arcane.

If you’re looking for a better alternative to Raptor Talons, Hookclaws are a great choice for early game PvP. They can be found in the Stormveil Castle. They are good for dealing massive amounts of damage, but they don’t have as many effects as Talons.

Eleanoras Poleblade

The Eleanoras Poleblade is a double-bladed sword that bleeds faster than most other weapons in the game. Its attacks scale with Dexterity, Arcane, and Strength, and it causes a lot of blood loss when used. It also causes a lot of physical damage and fire damage. This makes it one of the best bleed weapons in the game.

The Cross-Naginata spear is another great bleed weapon in the game. It has an impressive amount of damage, and it has a good amount of stagger built-in. It can also be chain-stabbed to cause massive amounts of blood damage. This weapon is extremely powerful in both PVE and PVP, and you can find it in the Gael Tunnel in Caelid.

While Eleanoras Poleblade is a powerful weapon, it can be overpowered by other weapons. However, it is not powerful enough to dominate every PvE fight. Plus, it doesn’t proc bleed after 3 hits. Despite being one of the strongest bleed weapons in the game, you shouldn’t try to use it to end a PvE encounter.

While there are other weapons in the game that can inflict the Bleed status, Eleanora’s Poleblade has some very strong features. It scales on both Dexterity and Arcane, and has a decent amount of Fire damage, which means that it’s a good choice for a melee player. Additionally, it has the Bloodblade Dance weapon ability, which launches a barrage of slashes and does great damage.

Morgott’s cursed sword

Morgott’s Cursed Sword is an extremely effective bleed weapon that scales across dexterity, strength, and arcane. The weapon’s Weapon Skill ‘Cursed-Blood Slice’ launches the Tarnished forwards with two massive swings, leaving blood trails that ignite and explode. You can obtain this weapon after defeating Morgott, the Omen King. If you defeat him, you can exchange his Remembrance for the Cursed Sword.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword is an enormous, curved greatsword. The primary stat is Dexterity, but it requires a higher amount of Arcane and Strength than other bleed weapons. This weapon is extremely effective in stopping enemies with bleed damage, thanks to its ability to stun enemies with its second attack.

The cursed sword is an excellent bleed weapon that requires at least 14 Str, 35 Dex, and 17 Arcane. It can be upgraded by using Somber smithing stones, and has a cool moveset and an amazing bleed damage rating. It has one of the highest Critical damage of any weapon in the game, which makes it one of the best bleed weapons in the game.

This weapon also has one of the best weapon skills in the game. The ‘Corpse Piler’ Weapon Skill is extremely effective and deals a lot of physical damage. It also builds up Hemorrhage, so by the time the combo is over, the enemy will likely be completely drained.

Hoslows Petal Whip

If you’re looking for a new bleed weapon, look no further than Juno Hoslow’s Petal Whip. This weapon has an excellent range and attack power, and scales up with Dexterity and Strength. It’s also great for increasing damage.

Whips are surprisingly effective in the Elden Ring, thanks to their excellent range and fast strikes. They’re particularly effective during jump attacks, but regular swings can also be devastating. And because whips don’t penetrate shields, even large enemies are subject to bleeding.

This weapon can double as a chainsaw, and has very high raw damage. In addition to that, it also has an interesting Weapon Art called Spinning Wheel. While it’s not the highest blood loss weapon in the game, it’s extremely effective against bosses. It can also be used to walk towards enemies, which gives it great mobility. It can do massive damage, and the spinning blade of death allows the player to walk forward while taking damage. This effect allows the player to quickly fill their Bleed Gauge with repeated hits.

Another weapon you should check out is the Hookclaw. This one can be obtained from Night’s Sacred Grounds in Nokron Region. This weapon also can be used in conjunction with Bloodhound’s Finesse for increased bleed damage. It also feels like the claws of Wolverine, which makes it a standout bleed weapon on the Elden Ring’s best bleed weapons list.

Bloodhounds Fang

If you’re looking for a powerful bleed weapon that’s not overpowered, Bloodhounds Fang is a good option. It’s one of the strongest bleed weapons in the Elder Ring, and its low stat requirements allow you to play with a low gear load. The Bloodhounds Fang’s high damage, long range, and speed make it a viable weapon for both PvE and PvP.

Using this bleed weapon is a great way to make your playthrough faster and easier. You’ll need to hit your enemies repeatedly in order to get the bleed effect active. You can only get one bleed weapon per character, so you need to invest in a good one.

It has a high attack for both normal and magic stats, and its skill increases magic attack power. It also releases moonlight damage and frost damage when charged. This weapon is one of the strongest in the Elder Ring, and can burst down certain Elden Ring bosses.

Despite its low damage, Bloodhounds Fang is still one of the best bleed weapons in the game. It’s a curved greatsword that scales with both Dexterity and Strength. The maximum damage it can do is 178% of the enemy’s health. This makes it one of the best bleed weapons in the world, and it’s a great choice for any character looking for a high damage-per-minute weapon.

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