Elder Ring Samurai Class Builds List

During the early game, players often start with the Uchigatana, which is a hard-hitting starter weapon. Another good ranged option is the Longbow. These two weapons should be enough to get you through the early game. As you advance through the game, you can add stats to your weapons, focusing your Samurai Build accordingly.

Sacred Relic Sword

As the Samurai class starts off, its playstyle relies heavily on consecutive attacks and dodge rolls. A good weapon for this playstyle is the Longbow. This weapon has a huge attack and a great charged attack that can easily stagger enemies. It also has the Gravitas weapon skill.

While it is not as powerful as Elden Ring’s colossal weapons, it does offer a decent amount of damage. In addition, the weapon’s weapon skill Wave of Gold deals massive damage and expands to hit more enemies in the area. This weapon skill has been upgraded in patch 1.04 with reduced FP cost and a faster casting time. It also has the potential to be more powerful in future patches, as FromSoftware may tweak its stats in the future.

The Hand of Malenia is the best Katana in Elden Ring for a Dexterity build. This weapon is easier to obtain than other katanas, though it does require 48 Dexterity. If you want a different build, you can go for the Nagakiba Katana instead.

If you’re a new player to the game, this Samurai build is definitely a great choice for you. It will give you access to three different weapon types: bow, Katana, and shield. The Katana has a Rivers of Blood attack that inflicts bleed damage, so it will be very effective in combat. It also prioritizes Arcane stats, which is ideal for a new player.

You should also invest in the Hand of Malenia. This weapon has better scaling and a lower Dexterity requirement. It also comes with Ash of War in the Corpse Piler, which deals a solid amount of damage. However, you need to beat the Bloody Finger Okina to obtain this weapon.

Another weapon you should consider for this build is the Moonveil Katana. This weapon requires a lot of effort, but it scales nicely with INT. It’s a powerful weapon that deals massive magic damage from a distance. It also inflicts blood loss, so it is a great weapon for spellswords.

Sacred Uchigatana

There are numerous ways to maximize your Samurai character’s performance in Elder Ring. Regardless of your chosen play style, the first step is choosing the right armament. In general, a Samurai character should focus on increasing their Dexterity, especially if they want to use melee weapons like katanas. The following list includes tips on which weapon to equip and how to make the most of the different armaments.

Sacred Uchigatana – The Sacred Uchigatana is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It deals massive damage and builds up an invisible meter when used on enemies. It also allows you to upgrade your Uchigatana as you play the game.

Ronin Set – The Ronin Set is an excellent piece of armour to use for your Samurai character. You need this item to complete the Bloody Finger Yura Questline, which you will find in the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace. You can also find the White Reed in Spiritcaller Cave.

Uchigatana – The Uchigatana is a great melee weapon that can be used for all aspects of the game. While it can deal substantial damage with its long range and high damage, you should only use it on one enemy at a time. To maximize your Uchigatana’s potential, you should focus on stuning enemies quickly. Also, you should use it to deal Hemorrhage status, which deals massive damage when used correctly.

Sacred Uchigatana – A Sacred Uchigatana is a rare weapon that only you can acquire. Getting it will cost you some Gold, but it is well worth the effort. If you are serious about maximizing your attack power, this weapon is a great choice.

Sacred Uchigatana – The Sacred Uchigatana is a powerful melee weapon for Samurai. It negates up to 68% of physical damage. A Samurai starts out with the best melee weapon, the Uchigatana. However, they also gain access to ranged weapons with the longbow. With these two, they are an excellent choice for the early game.

Sacred Uchigatana – If you are new to Soulsborne, the Sacred Uchigatana is a fantastic choice for a new player. This weapon is great for bosses, and has excellent range.

Rivers of Blood

One of the best samurai class builds in Rivers of Blood is one with a strong focus on a single skill, such as Corpse Piler. This skill is a dual-handed weapon that can inflict great amounts of bleed damage to your enemies. This build also includes a Shard of Alexander talisman which increases attack power from weapons and skills. Using this item will boost your attack power and allow you to use skills like Corpse Piler.

Another powerful skill to use with a Rivers of Blood build is Rotten Breath. The ability deals quite a bit of damage and can easily remove half of a boss’ health. In addition, this skill is particularly useful against bosses with immunity to bleeding.

The Samurai starts out as an offensive class, and you should always use two-handed combat and dodge rolls. As a Samurai, you also have access to a bow, which you can use to break up groups of enemies. In addition, you can use the Longbow to aggro enemies onto you and eliminate weak enemies.

While a katana is an important part of any samurai class build, the Rivers of Blood katana is the ultimate weapon in Elden Ring. Not only does it deal blood damage, but its Corpse Piler skill allows you to unleash a 6-hit combo and inflict a bleed effect on enemies. As a result, Rivers of Blood is the best weapon in the game, and a must-have for any Tarnished character.

Rivers of Blood is one of the late-game zones in Elder Ring, and you can find the Rivers of Blood katana in the southeast part of the map. It is found near the Church of Repose, and you can also find the Bloody Finger Okina, a NPC with a Rivers of Blood katana, in this location.

The base Uchigatana comes with the ‘Unsheathe’ Skill, a great way to stand in a Samurai pose. Your light attack will clear enemies in front of you, and your heavy attack will deal massive damage. With the Rivers of Blood expansion, you can also use the ‘Corpse Piler’ skill, which combines multiple slashes to cause massive amounts of damage and blood loss. However, it does require NG+ to use.

Lightning incantations

If you’re looking for the best samurai class builds, you should focus on Lightning Incantations, which have recently received buffs to make them even more useful. You can also choose to use Honed Bolt, which is slightly weaker than Lightning Incantations but has a higher accuracy. Other good choices include Lightning Scorpion Charm and Faithful’s Canvas Talisman, both of which boost your lightning spells’ power. Lastly, you might want to look into Carian Filigree Crest, which reduces FP cost.

As for the weapon you’ll be using, a twinblade is the obvious choice, but you can also choose a weapon that possesses higher Faith scaling. You can also use the ancient dragon’s lightning strike, which has a lower faith requirement.

Another option for a samurai class build is the Death Blight. This build is ideal for PvP players. It’s incredibly powerful, but you have to use the appropriate weapon and incantation to make it work. This skill works well in PvP environments, as you can kill an invasion in less than 5 seconds.

A good pure lightning build is a good choice if you want to approach enemies or bosses from close range. Your attributes should resemble those below at Level 150. If you have trouble making these stats, you can sacrifice a little of your Vigor and Dexterity, which will bring your INT to 60. It’s important to note that you can also get more talismans.

Pyromancy spells are also a great choice for this build. You can use Giantsflame Take Them, Flame Sling, and Catch Flame, and other dragon oriented spells. In addition to these spells, you can equip a talisman and ash of war, which will increase your overall effectiveness.

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