Cloud Solutions in Higher Education

Cloud technology is changing education in many different ways. The ability to use the Internet and servers to deliver content to almost anywhere in the world has opened doors for people who previously couldn’t even imagine having access to the technology necessary for a college degree. Now students at all levels can pursue a higher education with the potential for lifelong earnings after graduation. And because much of the instruction is done online, communication between instructors and students is at a much more intense level than ever before. Here’s a look at how cloud technology impact on education.

Changing Education

One way that cloud computing is changing education is by leveling the playing field so that people with various technological backgrounds can pursue higher education. Back several years, many students had trouble passing the classes required to earn a bachelor’s degree. The lower level of coursework and the stressful nature of the subject made it too difficult for some people to even consider going back to school. However, now many students have at least some computer knowledge and are able to get an online education through various online schools that still offer traditional academic courses. This means that they can pursue their dream bachelor’s degree while paying for the classes that they need to pass.

Another way in which cloud technology is improving education is by allowing teachers to take full advantage of the technology available to them. One common use for servers and databases is to allow teachers to share student videos and assignments online. This allows the instructor to show students how they are performing or what steps they should take to improve. This type of help is helpful to many schools, as students feel more connected to their teachers. And since many schools are making their teaching materials available over the Internet, this helps schools save money that would otherwise be spent on buying DVDs and other equipment.

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Online Classes

In fact, cloud computing may even help higher education institutions to get even more out of their online classes. A new study published by researchers at Virginia Tech found that students who took an online class that was based on information collected in a cloud computing environment outperformed students who were taking the same course from a desktop-based software program. The report suggested that the main reason why cloud computing works so well for higher education is that students are motivated to learn.

Save Money

Another reason cloud technology allows educational institutions to save money is because they do not need to buy computers or other expensive software. The software used by instructors can already be downloaded and used on a variety of different devices. This means that teachers will not need to spend money on expensive programs just to be able to reach all of their students. This means that teachers can spend more time teaching and less time shopping for new software or working on other projects.

Pandemic Preparation

Cloud also works well for pandemic preparation. The kind of fear and panic that seems to plague our nation over the threat of a deadly pandemic seems to have an effect on students. When students know that a deadly disease is lurking around the corner, they pay more attention in school. More attentive students are also more likely to take tests and be more successful in their studies.

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Remote learning

One final application for cloud technology is for remote education. Remote learning has become extremely popular in recent years as many more people than ever before are able to take online courses. However, despite the advances in technology, many people still cannot make time to get to class. The advent of online courses has allowed higher education institutions to offer virtual classes, which allow students to take the class at a time that works for them, without having to spend the time to travel to a classroom. The ability to get an education from a college or university anywhere in the country makes this form of remote learning extremely convenient, which means that it is also extremely lucrative. Cloud computing is a perfect way for colleges to offer their students this convenience while saving money in the process.


It’s clear that there are many applications for cloud technology in higher education. The most obvious is its use in online learning, but it’s also been used in things like telecommuting, instant messaging, collaboration, testing, payroll, and so much more. As the world becomes more connected, higher education will find itself even more quickly adapting to the changes and offering a wider array of options for students. Cloud solutions could play a major role in helping institutions of all kinds make more money, which will inevitably trickle down to students.

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