Connected Cars and the Internet of Things: 4 Areas for IoT developers

Today, there are more than 230 million connected cars on the roads worldwide. At the moment, these numbers are not particularly impressive, since most of these cars are in the luxury category, which is affordable for a small number of people on the planet. These models not only have amazing looks, high-end build quality, but also a huge amount of horsepower under the hood, a lot of technologies that are used in the car interior, and much more.

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As the needs of car enthusiasts increase, automakers will produce even more connected cars that will use IoT technology. In this article, we’ll look at areas in which IoT developers can show their worth and offer better experiences to drivers.



There are many areas in this industry that need development and improvement. Firstly, the market needs systems and applications that can automatically read the sensors installed in vehicles, which would be able to inform every driver about any malfunctions. This may involve changing tires, recharging the battery, or refilling the tank. Moreover, advanced software will be needed that can prevent accidents when critical problems are detected.

Connected cars provide many different opportunities for motorists, but the risk of hacking into such vehicles by fraudsters and identity theft increases. Therefore, the creation of platforms that can guarantee data security is a particularly promising area.

Development of services and entertainment content

Development of services and entertainment content

Soon, every driver will need something more from navigators than simple route building. Especially popular will be applications that can provide features such as viewing traffic on the roads, reading the roadway, viewing infrastructure in different locations, and much more. To date, a very small number of applications can boast a set of such functions.

Moreover, while fully self-driving cars have not gone on sale due to the imperfection of technology, systems that provide partial autonomy are in great demand. We are talking about various sensors, cruise control systems, and much more. Such technologies can also be improved and equipped with a wide variety of provided functions.

Smart city

Smart city

In large cities and metropolitan areas, on the roads of which there is a huge number of cars that cause traffic congestion during peak hours, technologies are needed that could correct the work of traffic lights. Thanks to the Internet of Things, traffic congestion problems can be solved.

For example, being at an intersection where there are a huge number of cars on one side, traffic lights will be able to increase the duration of the green signal to reduce congestion.

This applies not only to traffic lights but also to the presence of such systems in connected vehicles that could send data about their location to such smart traffic lights.


Such technologies will not be able to work without powerful computers involved in the processing of data arrays. In this regard, there is a growing need to create data centers where qualified specialists can monitor the performance of functions, as well as improve technologies and software.


Given that the number of connected vehicles will only increase soon, the need for developers and specialists who can improve technologies related to security, service delivery, and the creation of a smart city concept will also increase.

In addition, not only developers will be needed, but also specialists who will work in data centers, monitor equipment, monitor the operation of all components, and also improve existing technologies.

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