CPU vs GPU – what are the differences?

What is a CPU?

The CPU or Central Processing Unit is the brain of any electronically embedded unit. It consists of two functioning units – the ALU and the Z. The Arithmetic Logic Unit is used to store temporary data and perform mathematical calculations, while the File Control Unit is used to perform the task of sequencing and branching.

The first company to develop a processor is Intel, called the 4004 chip, which was the first 4-bit processor. They then designed it on the x86 architecture, which became more popular, and later ARM came up with the 32-bit microprocessor from Acorn Computers.

The processor acts as the brain in a computer system, as it has to interact with other parts of the system, such as memory and the input and output unit. The processor is responsible for executing information received from memory. The control unit must sometimes interact with the input and output unit to maintain the functionality of the system.

What is a GPU?

A GPU or also called Graphics Processing Unit is a special processor that is used to display graphics on the screen. It is mainly built into the processor to share RAM with the overall system, the GPU is regulated in some way by the processor like other parts of the computer system. High-end graphics display is required. The discrete GPU has its own RAM called VRAM, which is used for video display.

GPUs were first introduced by Intel and IBM in 1980. The GPU previously used to perform very basic functions such as filling in areas, changing simple images, drawing shapes and so on. However, modern GPU technology has advanced greatly and today the GPU can perform research and analysis without a CPU. The GPU now works in parallel with the CPU. In the GPU, several processing units are stripped together when there is no cache coherence. It will not be wrong to say that GPU technology has improved significantly over the past few years and has changed display methods. Nowadays, it is possible to lease GPU when it is necessarily needed.

What is the difference between the CPU and GPU?

The CPU and GPU are two important devices of an electronic computer system, but the functioning of both is quite different. The CPU (central processing unit) is a microprocessor used to execute instructions given by a programme according to operations such as algorithms, arithmetic, logic, control, input and output. But on the other hand, the GPU (graphics processing unit) is the internal device used to render the image on the computer screen. The basis of the processor is based on low latency, while the GPU must provide high performance at all times.


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