Diablo Immortal Leveling Guide – How to Level Up Fast and Effectively in Elder Rifts

The game of Diablo Immortals has a variety of ways to level up fast. You can use the Bestiary, Codex, Battle Pass, and Blue Glowing monsters. These methods will increase your character’s level fast and easily. You should let your current character level up naturally if possible.

Bestiary is a way to level up

In Diablo Immortal, you can level up by killing enemies and collecting Monstrous Essence orbs. Each orb corresponds to one entry in your Bestiary. You can access your Bestiary at any time and turn in the orbs at altars located in safe zones. You can locate these altars by looking for the open book symbol on the map.

Another way to level up Diablo Immortal fast and effectively is by completing bounties. Bounties are small quests that offer decent amounts of XP, materials, and currencies. You can find both green and blue bounties in the open world. You can choose to complete these quests solo or with a group.

You can also level up by killing monsters and gathering Monstrous Essence orbs. These orbs are dropped by monsters and are an excellent source of Essence. The game will also keep track of the number of Monstrous Essences you collect. When you reach a certain amount, you can unlock another page of the Bestiary. You can repeat this process up to three times a day. The extra attempts will grant you with Gold.

You can also try to level up your Diablo Immortal character using the Bestiary. It is a great way to level up your character quickly. It also gives you plenty of experience, which will boost your character’s overall leveling speed. However, you should be careful to avoid side quests because they can distract you from your main objectives.


One of the best ways to level up Diablo Immortal quickly is to complete the Codex objectives. These give you a great deal of XP and Battle Pass points. Codex objectives are unique in the sense that they feature a set of side quests, each with a different reward. These side quests can also help you level up quickly.

The second way to farm items in Diablo Immortal is by doing dungeons on the higher difficulty settings. This will make your enemies more difficult and increase the amount of rare and legendary items you can obtain. This method is most effective when you are level 60 or higher, as enemies have more health and a higher drop rate. You can also participate in zone events to increase your chances of earning rare and legendary items.

Another way to level up is to find treasure goblins in the game. These little cackling creatures have loot bags on their backs, making them a nice source of gold and materials. You can also salvage legendary equipment, but it is important to remember that you must manually break down these items.

Battle Pass

Character leveling in Diablo Immortal is important for players because it unlocks better weapons and gear as you progress through the game. As you level up, you also get more experience points. By doing so, you will become stronger and more powerful. Usually, you will get gear upgrades from playing quests, but there are ways to get more experience points and level faster.

There are two methods for leveling in Diablo Immortal: completing side quests and completing dungeons. Both are effective in getting experience points, but side missions have lower rewards and can slow down your progress. To speed up your leveling process, try completing side quests or dungeons with a group of friends. Aside from leveling your character fast, you can also collect various special items and gear.

If you’re new to the Diablo Immortal game, you might be wondering how to level up fast. The first method is to play the game’s main story. This will give you a high amount of EXP while at the same time increasing your level. Using your Battle Pass rewards will give you more EXP than just grinding quests. However, if you’re not sure which one to purchase, it’s probably best to wait until you’re at least at a high level before grabbing one.

Another way to level up fast in Diablo Immortal is to buy a battle pass. This will give you access to a wide variety of challenges and activities, and each battle pass level grants you almost a full level of XP. You can even use the battle pass to get double XP by completing certain tasks in the Activity Section. However, it’s better to wait until you’re level 30 before buying a Battle Pass.

Blue Glowing monsters

Blue Glowing monsters are rare and powerful mobs that give a boost to your XP when killed. These mobs drop experience orbs and different colored names. They also give more experience points than regular monsters. They also have a higher chance of dropping Legendary Gear.

Treasure Goblins

The quest line in Diablo Immortal is rife with treasure goblins. The goblins are small bipedal creatures that spawn randomly in Sanctuary and drop loot. You should be able to level up your Diablo Immortal character quickly and efficiently by completing as many of these quests as possible. However, when it comes to loot, treasure goblins leave behind very little gold.

It’s a good idea to farm them on a level you feel comfortable with. You should also keep in mind that this season, treasure goblins spawn twice as often as in previous seasons. It’s best to farm these mobs on a level you know well, so you can re-use the same level as often as possible. It’s also good to make new games every once in a while to refresh the mobs.

The main purpose of this method is to gain a lot of Experience. The first goal is to reach level 16. After that, you can unlock the Battle Pass. Once you’ve unlocked it, you’ll receive tons of Experience. On top of that, you’ll be able to use your Battle Pass to get more rewards.

Treasure Goblins are fast and resistant to damage. The only drawback is that they tend to spawn in the wilderness where other monsters will try to hinder you. Make sure you use mobility skills to get around these nuisance monsters. You can also use AoE skills to thin out the herd.

Elder Rifts

One of the best ways to level up fast in Elder Rifts is to play with a group. This way, you’ll be able to clear the Elder Rifts more quickly and receive better rewards. However, you need to keep in mind that you’ll need a team with a Combat Rating higher than your own. This is because the difficulty of each level depends on the level of the highest level member of the team.

Getting Eternal Orbs – The game’s real money currency – is an important way to level fast. Buying them increases your chances of getting Legendary Gems and better loot. You can also use these gold to purchase equipment and accessories that will help you level up quickly.

Getting the right gear – Equipping the right gear is essential to win in battle. By wearing the correct gear and gadgets, you’ll be able to finish enemies more quickly, complete Rifts quicker, and farm more significant items. You can also use your Legendary Crests to upgrade your armor and weapons.

Elder Rifts – Once you’ve completed the first two story chapters, you can enter the Challenge and Elder Rifts. These dungeons can be completed in a few minutes, and they give bonus rewards. You can open the first one when you’ve reached the Westmarch area.

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