Do You Need A Tablet In 2022?

The first iPad was released in 2010. Although it was far from the first tablet, it did popularize the format in a time when smartphones were already becoming commonplace. Ever since, people have been asking the same question: do I actually need a tablet?

A tablet is certainly useful. It can do everything your phone can. While it should not replace mobile phone theft insurance, it can serve the same purpose until you get a new one. It can also fulfill most of your laptop’s functions.

However, because of its size, it is not viable to use a tablet as a phone. For most working people, a laptop is necessary even if you do have a tablet. You’re going to have both of those devices anyway, so is there any point in getting something in between?

Here are some reasons you might get a tablet in 2022.

Taking Notes

Whether you go to work meetings or college lectures, you need to take notes. This is something that you would have once done on a pad of paper, but now disposable notes are hopelessly outdated. You can do a much better job on your phone or laptop.

The problem is that using your phone in a meeting or lecture appears very rude, regardless of what you’re actually using it for. A laptop, on the other hand, can take time to load, takes up space on a desk, and is not always great to lug around.

This is the perfect domain for tablets. You can use note apps for increased efficiency, without having to type on a tiny screen or laptop. You can easily access those notes later on, make changes to them on the go, and keep track of everything you are learning or achieving.


Tablets are also great for reading. Ebooks have become the most convenient and affordable way to read books, but not everyone enjoys reading on a phone. A dedicated ebook reader is something of an antiquity nowadays, as it seems wasteful to carry around a device that only does one thing. Splashing out on a tablet makes a lot more sense.

If you need to study using textbooks, a tablet is absolutely perfect. Textbooks are not made to be read on small screens, and they are usually too hefty to carry around. By getting digital versions of all of your textbooks, you have access to them whenever you want, along with the ability to make annotations and searchable highlights.


Mobile gaming can be a lot of fun, especially if you have open periods of time during the day. For example, if you are a driver, you may have to wait for deliveries or passengers, during which time you can game. Doing so on your phone can be headache-inducing and is very limited.

Tablets are ideal for mobile gaming. They give you the best possible experience without losing the convenience. Mobile games are also far more affordable than PC or console games, making them perfect for the casual gamer.

Streaming Video

You can stream video on every single device today, from your phone to your TV. However, not all devices are perfectly suited to streaming. Phone screens are too small for some people, while laptops are uncomfortable. Streaming on your tablet is the perfect middle ground, especially if you are watching content alone.

They’re also perfect if you are learning how to do something on YouTube. Instead of glancing up at a small phone screen constantly, you can keep the video going on your tablet at a size that is perfect for easy viewing.

Don’t Get a Tablet Without a Reason

The above reasons for getting a tablet will be compelling to different people. However, some people do not need another device for any of the above. If that applies to you, don’t get a tablet just for the sake of it. Chances are that you’re not going to find it any more useful than you expect.

A tablet still doesn’t have too many compelling reasons to exist in an age of smartphones. That said, many people love using their tablets for a variety of purposes.

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