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Effective Data Generation Using Web Scraping

Data Generation Using Web Scraping

The common denominator between an entrepreneur, a marketer, an equity analyst, a journalist, and more professionals in data generation. All of these experts derive their insights and strategies from data.  

Whether you want to start up a new business or churn out a new strategy for an existing business, you will need to analyze a vast amount of data.

But the question is “how do you manage your data generation?”

Some people still subscribe to copying and pasting data manually. Well, how is this feasible for extracting data from large websites with hundreds of pages? This is where web scraping comes into the picture.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is an automated process of extracting relevant data in a fast and efficient way. There are many web scrapers available today for extracting data from any website, but one of the best is “Web Automation.”

You can extract unstructured data from any website, no matter how large the data is, and you don’t need to use any coding language.

So for example, if you’re into the e-commerce business and you want to see the data on your competitors’ websites, you will find it frustrating doing it manually and you’re prone to errors in your reports.

Using web-scraping tools, however, helps you achieve your aim with ease. You can even use pre-built extractors for over 400 businesses to extract data instantly with one click.

Even if you’re not into building yourself, scrapers like Web automation give you the chance to use their concierge service to build your first extractor free.

And the interesting part is that when you extract data, you can easily export it in CSV, JSON, XLSX, or XML, and transfer the data to Dropbox, Shopify, Google sheets, and many more. This way, you will be able to organize, analyze, and use the data to make informed decisions.

So in simple words, we can say web scraping helps to effective data generation, speed the process up by automating it, and providing the data in formats that are easy to access and analyze.

Now, how does effective data generation benefit several business sectors?

Here is a list of some sectors where web scrapers can help for effective data generation.

Web scraping in Retail and Manufacturing

Web scrapers can help in many ways under this sector, including:

Competitor price monitoring – Price is a critical factor in this era of e-commerce. And for you to thrive in retail and manufacturing, you need to keep track of your competitors’ pricing. You cannot achieve this using manual method. Web scrapers help you keep a tab on the ever-changing market prices and it automates the data generated from your competitors to keep you updated. Major competitors such as Amazon require the best kind of Amazon web scrapers to achieve these tasks.

Product description and images – Web scrapers help you fetch product descriptions and images from different manufacturers. This effective data generation tool provides these details automatically and in no time.

Monitoring MAP compliance – Web scrapers can help you generate data on whether retailers comply with the minimum price or not. This is very useful because you cannot visit every website to check for the same. Web scraping makes it easy to monitor MAP compliance and generate data in the speed of light.

Monitor consumer sentiment – Web scrapers can help you track and analyze consumer sentiment. This tool helps to generate data on consumer feedback and review from different businesses. And it presents on a spreadsheet for easy analysis.

Web scraping in data science

Web scrapers can help you generate data for a number of purposes:

Real-Time Analytics – Scrapers can help you conduct real-time analytics such that data is analyzed right after they become available online. So you don’t have to wait for hours before data is processed to produce insights. This benefit is useful in different institutions, especially in finance. Scrapers offer real-time analytics for credit scoring and this is useful in making decisions regarding whether to discontinue or extend credit.

Natural language processing: Scrapers help machines to interpret natural languages used by humans. For any application of NLP to work optimally, machines need to have access to large quantities of data, and scrapers make the data available in a usable format.

Web scraping in equity and financial research

Web scraping helps for effective data generation in financial and equity research. This is useful in:

Market data aggregation – While it is a lot of market data available online, this information is usually scattered across thousands of websites. Web scraping helps to generate data from different websites and this makes it easy to make marketing decisions.

Aggregated News Articles – News is a big source of information in the field of insurance and finance. And you know it is not possible to read every article or newspaper manually. Web scraping helps to extract valuable information from different news headlines, stories, etc. And this data can be converted into actionable investment insights.

Insurance – There is now a need for insurance companies to study alternative data to determine risks etc. This helps to devise policies and products. But it is not possible to collect this data by manually copying or storing it. Web scrapers come into play here as insurance companies can easily scrape alternative data and make the best decisions regarding products and policies.

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Web scraping in product, marketing, and sales

Web scrapers help in marketing and sales of products in many ways:

Content marketing – Web scrapers like “Web Automation” helps to collate data from different sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This data can then be used to create engaging contents that win traffic and converts more sales.

Data-driven marketing – Marketing is incomplete without good access to data. In fact, that’s what differentiates the expert salespeople from the inexperienced ones. Web scrapers make data available to formulate the best sales and marketing strategies.

Lead generation – Many companies spend so much to get outbound leads. If only they know the effectiveness of web scrapers in generating data directly from different sources to generate leads, perhaps they wouldn’t have to burn a hole in their budget. Scrapers like “Web Automation” helps to generate quality leads at a low cost.

Other areas where web scraping can help for effective data generation includes:

  • Competitive analysis
  • SEO monitoring
  • News and Reputation monitoring
  • Employment
  • Data Journalism
  • Academic

Final Remark

Data is an important factor in every sector and industry in our world today. And interestingly, every business and industry is now seeking the latest information on every given subject. The truth is, for any business or non-profit organization to thrive, they have to employ an effective data generation method as there are limits to what manual copy and pasting can achieve.

Web scraping has now found wide application in every endeavor and you can get the best data for any strategic decision-making process using these automated tools.

Web Automation is one of the best tools you should introduce in your business today to stay creative and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

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