Download Failed Please Retry Component ID 0 Error Code 31

So, you’ve received a “Download failed please retry component id: Error Code 31” error message from your download manager. What can you do to fix this error? Here are some tips:

The size of the request entity-body exceeds the server’s capacity. The request did not complete because of operator issues or because the format was not supported by the server. The server already has a pending request from the same dialog. The requested destination number or address is not available. If you have a computer with this error message, you will need to reinstall the program.

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If you’ve tried all these steps, but still receive this error, you may want to check your network connection. It’s possible that you changed your UI in the GameLoop emulator. In either case, you’ll need to re-start the emulator. The restart will reset the Winsock catalog. After a reboot, you’ll see the “Download failed please retry component id 0 error” message.

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