How To Protect Your Data With The Latest Cloud Migration Technology

Cloud migration is becoming a popular practice with businesses all over the world. Storing data in the cloud comes with a range of benefits, from flexibility and scalability to enhanced colleague and customer collaboration. When choosing to store data in the cloud, security is essential. Below, we’ll look at how best to protect your data with this new technology. 

What is cloud migration? 

Cloud migration is a way of storing business operations online, in the Cloud. If you’re operating with physical or legacy infrastructure, cloud migration gives you the chance to move and update your data, software, and documents onto an online platform, so that it is accessible in one place, by anyone that is granted access. Cloud migration does come with its challenges, but with the help of cloud providers, you can reap the benefits this modern way of operating can provide you. 

Moving software onto the cloud is becoming more common with businesses all over the world due to the range of advantages that come with it, which we will look at in more detail below. 

What are the benefits? 

Don’t let the process of cloud migration put you off – when the process is complete you will be rewarded with advantages that can prove beneficial for your business. Implementing cloud software means that you can scale the amount of storage you need up or down depending on demand, which means you don’t have to pay for storage that you’re not using. Cloud migration is a great way of improving productivity and efficiency for employees and customers. It allows employees to collaborate and work effectively wherever they are in the world. 

If you’re looking to save on computing costs, migrating to the cloud means businesses, in general, will spend less money on updating their tech equipment, as well as software and programming, as the cloud will update and maintain everything you need for you. 

Cloud software allows businesses to back up their information with ease and means you can restore any sensitive information lost with the click of a mouse if an error occurs. Security is of huge importance when storing information on the cloud, here are a few tips on how to protect your data with cloud technology. 

Choose the correct cloud provider 

One of the most important factors to consider when migrating to the cloud is the provider that you’re going to choose to complete the migration. With your security in mind, you should look for a cloud provider that has been recommended by others either in your industry or by dependable reviews. When your data is at stake you must make sure you are putting it in safe, secure hands. Try to choose a provider than can tailor your storage to your business needs.

Be aware of the breach processes 

Another factor that should be checked before you settle on a provider is the process they have in place if your data is breached in the cloud. They should inform you of their worst-case scenario plan of action and be transparent regarding the protocols they have in place. This should be well-documented so that you’re aware of the level of security they can provide, and how they keep your data as safe as possible. 

Passwords and Authentications 

It may seem obvious, but a good password is important to deter hackers. You should follow the rule of using upper case, lower case, a number, and a special symbol in your passwords or opt for a unique phrase. This will decrease your likelihood of data being hacked and security being infiltrated. Two-factor authentication can also be helpful when it comes to keeping your data safe. This adds an extra step to each login attempt, and another device will be notified if you or someone else has tried to gain access – so you’ll know if someone is trying to manipulate your data. 


With cloud storage, you can back up your documents with ease, and it is essential for protecting your data, and recovering it when necessary. This backup option helps to protect against significant losses that your company may face in a crisis. Choosing a provider that allows for consistent back-ups, as well as fast recovery means that your data has a better chance of being recovered if it gets into the wrong hands. 

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