Do You Think That a Private Cloud is The Right Choice for Your Company?

Having own private cloud server is a growing trend in the industry. Businesses are replacing the on-site server with private cloud servers. Some businesses are considering private cloud servers over public cloud servers. But why are many businesses adopting the private cloud server trend? Private cloud servers have answers to several issues and complexities that on-premise servers and public cloud servers present. Let us deep dive into this article where we will find out if a private cloud server will be the correct choice for your company. Several factors will be discussed below:


Security remains to be the most vital part of any business. Keeping your business data private and secure is of crucial importance. While on-premise servers may be good for maintaining security but they need regular maintenance which demands higher costs.

Public cloud servers are not as secure as private servers. A private server can always have better security if the administrator builds it in such a way.

– Multiple organizations share the same public server while private servers are controlled and managed by one organization.

– Admins may not need to worry about physical security like in the case of on-site servers.


Managing your own data center will demand lots of labour and money, but you can save money. You would need to constantly invest in the servers and other IT assets to keep them running and at par with your company’s growing needs. Private cloud servers are provided at contractual subscription plans.

– Contractual plans give you the flexibility to pay for the services for as long as you require them.

– They do not require any infrastructure maintenance costs.

– Good service providers deliver premium private cloud server services with high uptime.


As your company grows, you would want an IT infrastructure that can take on the increasing workload. The problem with on-site servers would be that they would need additional hardware and software upgrades so that they can fulfil the new workload needs. Hence the scalability issues arise here.

– You can always opt for a higher specs private cloud server plan to meet growing workload demands.

– A large number of devices and traffic can be managed with a greater private cloud server plan.

– No more spending on better server hardware such as storage drives, RAM, processors, etc would be required to scale your IT infrastructure.


Private cloud servers are very efficient as they need to host only one company’s data and functions. Their efficiency can be managed, controlled and changed according to your specific requirements. They offer complete flexibility for you to maximise their working and operational efficiency.

Geographic availability

On-site servers cannot be set up everywhere. On-site servers are installed depending on geographic factors such as terrain, internet and road connectivity, weather, et cetera. Private cloud servers provide the solution to this problem. You can take up a subscription plan for a good private cloud server and run your workload and applications on it.

Data ownership and customization

Businesses may need different types of IT infrastructure with varied equipment to run their applications. So customization of your preferred server resources is a key factor here. Data ownership is also an important factor for many businesses.

– With private cloud servers, you get complete ownership of your data.

– You get the option to choose a private server with the required storage capacity and performance characteristics.

– SMBs and large businesses can have customized plans as per their requirements.


After discussing the above factors, you would now have clarity if a private cloud server would be right for your company or not. Whatever you choose should benefit your organization. Start by writing down your company’s goals and how a private cloud can help the business. Check your budget and spending criteria. Assess the security and control you would have over your data. When you are sure of what you want to achieve and if a private cloud server is good for you then you should definitely go for it.

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