Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Error Sans

Error Sans is brother to Error!, from a future timeline where things didn’t go very smoothly as they once could have. In fact, he spends an unexplained amount of time between timelines, or imaginations, reflecting on his hate for Error, turning him into an unstoppable Anomaly-hunting maniac. However, with the help of his new friend, Coco, his brother ends up with an unlikely ally.


As the friendship deepens, the true nature of their relationship begins to show itself. When Error finally falls in love with an alien android, sans standard personality traits, it is because of Coco’s compassionate side that she allows him to fall in love. The two become friends and the android develop feelings for them. The android can also be considered the personality of Error, as he represents all that Error represents: violence, unpredictability, and destruction.

However, this does not stop the friendship between the android and the cute little geno from changing. When a deadly virus sweeps across the city, killing hundreds, the android decides to sacrifice himself for the cause. With his death, the geno gets his chance at redemption. The two get along well enough that the movie ends with their friendship improving.


As mentioned earlier, Error has a crush on the cute android, but I think that they are really meant to be friends. It is interesting to note how the two develop a strong friendship over the course of the film. From the start, we see that both characters have different aspirations and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach them. However, as the movie progresses, you can sense the conflict inside their relationship as they both fight for the same ideal, but they are so different that it is impossible for them to see things so clearly.

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Dr. Isaac’s

While the android and the master blaster are the faces of two completely different movies, I still find it interesting how they are both connected to the series as a whole. In the first film, we see that the android is a creation of Dr. Isaac’s, who creates the robot in an effort to help the earth. However, in the sequel, we find out that the original was not the android, but rather, the original Dedede, who was alive during the first universe freeze. The android and the master blaster are linked to both of those settings because they both are created through the same process.

Star Trek

After the original and the android are born, they go their separate ways, with each setting up their own timeline. In the Original Universe, the timeline is mostly set up before the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series. This is when we meet both the original gene and the android, who are part of the Federation crew. When the Original Timeline meets the Next Generation, the two races join forces and form the alliance that would later become the Klingon Empire and the Romulans.

Android And Frisk

In the Next Generation, the android and the frisk are assimilated into one race, and the timeline once again changes. In the Omega timeline, the android is assimilated into a human and becomes the ship’s mechanic. This timeline once again changes when the ship is hit by a comet and is stranded on an uncharted planet. The crew has trouble coming up with a plan to combat the comet’s dangerous radiation, so they get a new warp core, but this one is faulty and fails, which allows the Enterprise to beam the Enterprise crew back to the fleet.

Final Words

All of this ties into the central theme of the series: people can get sick, can have accidents and can be killed through illness, or accidents. One of the most terrifying illnesses in ENT is the inability to see things far away clearly. Frisk, the android in this show, experiences this sickness and is left with a serious fear of leaving his quarters and getting physically near his co-workers, on the other hand, his friend Binks is able to get near and know the truth about his origins before he is assimilated. He realizes that the flaw in his core allows him to see things from another person’s point of view, and this is what ultimately convinces the crew that it is better for them to assimilate than try and repair their errors through logic. While the android is sick, the crew also has to deal with the internal conflicts of their existence.

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