Social Media Feeds for Websites: Benefits, Types & Examples

Social media users fancy sharing and acknowledging content online with and from their friends and family. The growing number of social media users makes optimum usage of social media platforms extremely necessary for brands to stand out from the competition.

Further, social media platforms are influential. Users of the platform use the platform to discover products, get inspired, and make purchases. Leveraging what your existing users have to say about your brand can potentially improve your conversion and customer acquisition rates.

But, to be able to use social media platforms optimally, having a robust social media strategy is quintessential.

Embedding feeds generated on social media onto the website is the strategy that brands need. Keep reading to know everything about it-benefits, types, and examples.

The Benefits Of Embedding Social Media Feeds On Websites

1.    Increases Engagement

Showcasing social media feeds on websites can boost the users’ engagement with the brand. They will get hooked to know more about the brand, its products, and its operations.

Additionally,  by showcasing social media feeds, the potential users can get influenced by the past experiences of the brand and end up making a purchase from the brand and also recommend the brand to their peers. Thus working as a potential word-of-mouth marketing tactic for the brand.

2.    Generates Easy Trust

Gathering user trust has become the preliminary step to be able to conduct business successfully online.

By displaying social media feeds containing visuals of users incorporating the brand’s product into their lives, generating credibility and relatability in the minds of the prospects gets rather simple.

After running through the reviews shared by past users, the story of the brand, and the products offered, visitors aren’t any more hesitant to purchase the brand.

3.    Build Social Proof

Building social proof is important for every business, regardless of the niche that your business caters to. The psychological factor called social proof influences the purchase decisions of the potential users.

In fact, most of your users make a purchase decision basis on the recommendations given by their peers.

By aggregating and embedding social feeds, you give 59% of the consumers’ social media a chance to try your brand out.

Types Of Social Media Feeds

Social media feeds typically are of these following types:

  • Brand Wall – A combined social media feed from all your social media accounts is a brand wall. This is the most frequent use case and the brand’s usually leveraging this to lure the attention of the visitors of the website. The content posted by the users, employees, and others can be aggregated, curated, and displayed on the website.
  • Instagram hashtag campaign wall – By using a feed generator, you can enhance your marketing campaigns and seamlessly engage with your Instagram audience. By running hashtag contests and campaigns, you can easily gather users’ content and engage them with your brand.

Examples Of Social Media Feeds

1.    JackAstor’s Social Wall

Jack Astor’s increased their customer attraction and visit frequency by displaying users’ content.

Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill, a chain of 40 restaurants in Ontario, Quebec, Canada, and New York, deployed 45 digital screens at their restaurants all over Canada which displayed compelling UGC to gain loyalty among new customers and increase customers’ visit frequency.

This induced the visitors to share their excitement through pictures via the hashtag #jackastors on Instagram. Using Taggbox Display, they curated a customized social wall and displayed it on digital screens set up across restaurants.

This helped them in drawing the attention of visitors potentially while keeping them hooked to what others are sharing on social media about the brand.

As a result, they were able to generate a 20% boost in visits to the restaurant.

2.    Ikea Poland Social Media Feed

Ikea Poland uses a social media photo gallery feed to showcase credible social media content created by shoppers wherever they post on Instagram or Twitter using the store’s exclusively created hashtags.

Ikea Poland mixes the content generated by its customers on Instagram with custom posts uploaded by Ikea’s team. This feed encourages buyers and increases their trust while making a purchase decision.

Over To You

Social media feeds have the power to potentially influence the minds of the users and create an impact that lasts for a rather long time. By embedding social media feeds on the website of the brand, alluring the attention and keeping the audience engaged becomes potentially easy and possible.

Leverage this blog to have a comprehensive understanding of this robust strategy.

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