How to create matching outfits for father, mother and children

Matching looks are fun and can help to further strengthen the relationship between parents and children.

Developing a good relationship with children involves a lot of skills: love, patience, attention, responsibility and others. One of the ways to get closer to your son or daughter is to create situations so that he or she can identify with you, such as offering games similar to your career, teaching them your hobbies or creating outfits for you to dress alike.

The current fashion has already understood that the way we dress can be a fun and important factor in the relationship of parents and children, especially when they are still small. Therefore, more and more we find outfits ready for fathers, mothers and children to walk around with the same stylish look.

Do you want to create matching outfits to use with your spouse and children but do not know how to start? Check out our tips in the text below.

Match basic garments

The first and simplest way to create this type of outfit is to choose some basic pieces that are the same or very similar to compose all the looks. Basic items are easier to combine and are probably in everyone’s closets.

It is possible, for example, to choose a white t-shirt + jeans for you, your spouse and your child. How about a red blouse + white shorts combo? If the day is cold, an all-black monochrome look is a right choice, with pants and a sweater or sweatshirt.

Use the same color chart

If you cannot afford or do not want to spend on new clothes to create matching outfits, one of the best ways is to think about matching the color palettes of your clothes. This means repeating some of the colors and shades that are in the garments.

For example, you can wear outfits where all the clothes are in earthy tones: you in orange, spouse in brown, and your son or daughter in yellow or mustard. The idea is similar without having to spend on an entire look.

Acquiring matching clothes

Another incredible option for those who want to invest in matching outfits is to buy items that are the same for adults and children. The trend has now reached several stores, which offer the same shirts, pants, overalls, dresses and coats for parents and children.

Mothers and daughters can wear dresses with the same modeling, pattern and fabric; fathers and sons, the same t-shirt or jacket + shorts set. The main trendy prints for the same clothes are tye-dye, stripes, florals and foliage.

To use matching clothes at home, it is also possible to bet on pajamas and comfortable clothes with the same modeling. Have you ever thought about wearing those super pajamas in overalls with your kids? Guaranteed fun.

Do not forget the shoes

Shoes are certainly one of the main parts of an iconic outfit, and, to the matching ones, it would not be different. When choosing a new similar look to use with your children, pay attention to the feet.

Similar or same models of sneakers, moccasins, sandals, and espadrilles are great for the look to be perfectly the same, combining all parts. Also, a good pair of shoes finishes the look with the image you want to convey, such as more sophistication, casualness, delicacy, etc.

Accessories can help

A complete outfit is not just made of clothes. To create matching looks for parents and children, it is essential to pay attention to details. Sunglasses, hats or caps, similar backpacks, watches and other accessories are essential to give the final reference touch between the looks.

Remember to consider these accessories, especially if they are items that your children like (such as that favorite watch or a matching baseball cap you both bought together). They not only make the look more stylish and complete but also help to strengthen the relationship between you and your child.

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