Evenheat Kiln Error Codes – Causes and Solutions

evenheat kiln error codes

The Evenheat kiln may exhibit one or more error codes. Identifying the specific error will help you troubleshoot the problem quickly. Here are the most common causes of kiln problems and solutions. The first one is an incorrect voltage. If the kiln is connected to 240V, for example, it will overheat faster. Another common cause is an overloaded circuit. To prevent this, make sure that you disconnect any appliances before operating your kiln.

The next error code you should look for is slow ramp. The temperature of the slow ramp must remain at 50 degrees above the previous hold temperature for about 18 seconds before the error message appears. The slow ramp temperature can be caused by worn or defective heating elements, a faulty relay, burned wires, or electrical noise. In such a case, you should contact the manufacturer of your kiln. Often, this error code indicates that there is a problem with the heating elements.

The second common cause of evenheat kiln error codes is a worn out element. When firing a ceramic piece, the elements age. This causes them to increase in resistance and slow down. The high firings wear out the elements much faster than lower firings, causing the kiln to fail. High temperatures can cause the center elements to burn out or dim. Another common cause is low voltage. Check the wire gauge and replace it if needed.

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E-1 is the lowest temperature and could be caused by many factors. The kiln may have uneven load compared to its thermocouples and heating zones. To resolve the problem, try to load it more on the bottom. If you can’t load the top, try placing the bottom shelf beneath the element. The next shelf should sit on 8-inch posts to allow the two elements to shine into the bottom area.

USrx stands for the user and the ‘x’ number represents the custom programme. This programme will stay in the memory of the kiln and is a good way to solve the problem quickly. It is best to have three or four programme selections to meet the requirements of your firing. You can also modify the preset programme data if necessary. Changes made here will be made the next time it runs.

If the temperature decreases less than 15degF per hour, the firing process will stop. The problem may also be a relay that is stuck in the on position. Err8 may mean that you need to replace an element or replace a component in the circuit. There is no one single solution to an evenheat kiln problem, but it’s helpful to know how to troubleshoot it and avoid costly repairs.

Another possible cause of an Evenheat kiln error code is a loose thermocouple connection. This could be causing the computer to believe that the kiln is hotter than it actually is. In such cases, you must check and tighten any loose connections. You may need to reinstall the thermocouple in order to correct the problem. It’s also wise to check the sizing of the kiln’s temperature sensor.

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If you don’t have a spare PMC3 fireproof gemstone, the Most Common Programme for PMC is the most commonly used. You can also use the PMC3 Fast Programme to fire items made of only this type of material. There is also a special programme for Fireproof gemstones. This programme may be a temporary solution for your problem. You can use the Evenheat Kiln for both PMC and ArtClay.

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