How Gaming Mouse Differs From a Regular One

If you’re into PC gaming you know how crucial a good mouse or gaming mouse is, from varied DPI (dots per inch) to different sensors resulting in making a big difference in your aim or quick movements. But how different is a gaming mouse from a regular one which we use for general purposes? Does it matter what kinda mouse you’re using for various purposes? And is it worth buying a gaming mouse? Hopefully, this article helps you out in getting an answer to all the questions raised above.

Working of a Normal Mouse

As we know a mouse is an input device that we use to move, select or access items that are displayed on the display. A regular mouse uses only optical sensors to perform the tasks. “Red light” as you may see on the bottom of the mouse is the optical sensor, as we drag the mouse on the mousepad the cursor changes the position on the display.

A normal mouse usually consists of 3 buttons, the left button, the right button and the scroll button which helps in scrolling through lists or to scroll through pages. These type of mice are generally used for surfing or downloading or just general purposes as it doesn’t have the quickest response rate necessarily.

Working on a Gaming Mouse

Similar to the normal mouse, the gaming mouse also uses an optical sensor but to enhance the performance and the response rate, the gaming mouse also uses a laser sensor. With the provided laser sensor, one can attain a high DPI, meaning that the mouse has an adjustable sensitivity of its own. This helps in customizing your mouse according to your own needs. Speaking of customization, gaming mice consists of eight modules which can be rearranged according to your personal preference.

As the gaming mouse advances it comes with different modules that can be adjusted even to your hand size, as some people may prefer a smaller mouse whereas some require a bigger mouse. Gaming mice also can have more than 3 buttons so you can assign equipment or actions to other mouse buttons for easy access and to be agile in the game.

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Hopefully, this answered briefly how a gaming mouse differs from a normal one.

Different mice for different purposes?

The answer to this can be subjective but as you’d take the better preference for the respective task in any domain, it usually is preferred for gaming mice if you’re a gamer as it can be used for both purposes but in case of a normal mouse, you would be able to game, but it may result in you having a hardware disadvantage. You may just end up winning more of your games if we cancel this disadvantage. But if you like to just casually game and socialize with your friends a normal one would do just fine.

Is It Worth Buying A Gaming Mouse?

If you’re a competitive gamer or a content creator and your content surrounds gaming sectors, it is worth buying a gaming mouse. It would surely help you in clipping some insane flicks. Even as a casual gamer, it would be worth buying a gaming mouse as it can perform well in both aspects, general purposes as well as gaming. But consider and research gaming mice before buying one and also search about the specific one you might wanna buy and you’re good to go. Leave some of the names of the gaming mice you use in the comments down below.

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