4 Best agents in Valorant

Best agents in Valorant: Valorant is one of the dominating FPS games in the gaming industry right now. It has certainly marked its spot in the gaming community. The concept of Valorant involves the players selecting an agent according to their play style. There are four categories of agents in the game right now, Sentinels, Initiators, Controllers and Duelists. Each agent has unique abilities to help the team to achieve a glorious victory. Let’s discuss the best agents in each category and discuss why I would consider them to be the best in their role.

1) Sentinels

So a sentinel’s job is to lock down a site and control the defensive half of the game. Sentinels lay out traps at cheeky spots and catch the enemies from the slickest places they thought they could get through. A good agent can quite possibly single-handedly defend the whole site or at least make them hold until the rest of their team rotates to the other site. I would say the best sentinel is…


Chamber, even though after the multiple nerfs he has got, remains the best sentinel. A good chamber’s ability to hold a site and peek at aggressive angles and escape so easily is applaudable. I mean, even though Riot tried their hardest to let the other sentinels shine, the pick rate for Chamber is still so high. With his ability kit, he is a good sentinel for defence as well as a good agent to encounter aggressive peaks in the attacking side as well.

After Chamber the ranking would be :

  • Sage
  • Cypher
  • Killjoy

2) Initiators

The initiator’s job is to get information from their ability kit to push a site, these include clearing out cheeky corners or revealing enemies’ locations and providing a good entry. A good initiator can make an entry into the site as easy as a breeze (see what I did there?) and for that the best initiator is…


The Turkish agent is insanely good at clearing corners and getting information, the combination of using its ‘Haunt’ and ‘Prowler’ can easily help you get entry to the site. Fade’s ‘Seize’ can hold back enemies at their place and deafen them and if paired well with teammates pushing with it, you would have no trouble entering the site.

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After Fade, the rank of initiators is as follows:

  • Sova
  • KAY-O
  • Skye
  • Breach

3) Controllers

Controllers are the agents which have map control, blocking off the line of sight with their abilities and helping the team get in the site or helping in the defensive half by holding the enemies until the teammates rotate to the required site. Controllers are essential in every team as they help the most in entering a site or blocking off sites on the defence side. For this, I would consider…


Not only does her smoke block off sites, but also damages in the form of decay (basically your HP would reduce but gradually and it won’t go past 1 HP), along with Viper’s snakebite just completely makes the site inaccessible for a good while for your teammates to set-up defensive angles. For the offensive side the “Toxic Screen” is such a good ability to help the team enter the site by blocking maximum cheeky angles, and if you’re a Viper main you would know every way possible to enter a site sneakily with the help of the wall. Viper’s post-plant setups are almost undefeatable especially in Breeze considering it’s such a big map.

The ranks after viper are:

  • Omen
  • Brimstone
  • Harbor
  • Astra

4) Duelists

Duelists are self-sufficient entry fraggers. Their job is to assist the initiators and controllers by killing the enemies holding angles and helping them use their abilities and clear off angles and corners. A good duelist enters the site and clears off all angles and pushes through the site to gain the most picks. A good duelist has good movement and can use abilities to their advantage to get easy frags. The best duelist quite possibly has to be…


The amount of possible movements Raze has is insane. Clearing/Getting frags through her “Paint Shells”, and then hatchelling(basically flying across the map with the blast packs) and having the “Boombot” to support teammates and distract enemies is more than enough a duelist can offer. You’d be blessed if you have a Raze main in your team who knows how to use her kit in the most appropriate way to annihilate the enemies. Not to mention the ultimate ability “The Showstopper” is just free kills(provided you don’t Roza ult i.e, miss the rocket launcher shot).

After Raze, duelists can be ranked as:

  • Jett
  • Reyna
  • Neon
  • Yoru
  • Phoenix

Wrap-Up – Best agents in Valorant

Valorant is releasing new agents at a good rate and is super good at maintaining the hype of the game. The newest agent Harbor (hailing from India) was released on October 18th, 2022. With new agents getting added and the patch updates in the future, it may be possible that the other agents may shine through but as of now, these may be the best agents in their categories so far. Let us know what you think should be the best agents in their categories.

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