Here’s How You Can Choose the Best Inverter with Battery 

The battery is the core and the undisputed backbone of an inverter. It is a crucial part that runs the inverter and determines its functionality and efficiency. If you are planning to buy an inverter, you must be trying to find the most efficient battery to go along with it in an economical range. 

Nowadays, inverters are available in combination with batteries. It not only saves you money but also offers you an efficient set of inverters and batteries that works smoothly in the long run. Here is a guide to help you choose the best inverter with battery.

There are numerous types of batteries and inverters available on the market. However, you must consider a few factors before buying an inverter:

  • Power consumption  

The first and most important step is determining the capacity of your devices and the power requirements. You can calculate the power required to run your appliances and choose an inverter accordingly.  

Some appliances, such as AC, refrigerators, printers, etc., require almost double power as compared to low-power-requiring appliances. Hence, it would be best if you made sure that the inverter you’re buying is compatible with your home or office appliances.

  • Battery type and capacity 

There are numerous types of batteries, such as flat plate, tubular, etc., available in the market that exhibit different properties. Moreover, some inverters support all kinds of batteries. 

Depending upon the capacity of the inverter, it might come with a single battery or a set of two batteries (12V each). 

  • Type of output

The basic types of output are sine wave, square wave, and modified sine wave. For example, sine waves are used to reduce harmonic distortion and produce a noiseless output.

Considering these factors, here are a few efficient and budget-friendly inverter with battery combo options:[PH1] 

Luminous zelio 1100 inverter + RC18000 150 Ah tubular battery

Consisting of a 12V inverter system, this inverter with battery combo has a rated power of 756W and a capacity of 900VA. It is a sine wave inverter that supports the running load of appliances such as CFL, tube lights, ceiling fans, television, AC, etc.  

Optimus 1250 inverter + RC 18000 150Ah tubular battery

With a capacity of 1100VA /12V, this sine wave inverter supports one unit of a lead acid battery. Moreover, the inverter also supports a wide range of batteries, such as tubular, flat plate, SMF, etc. 

Features like faster charging, optimal performance, and longer backup time make this inverter an amazing choice. The inverter also comes with a smart LCD display that shows battery percentage and charging time. 

Cruze+ 3.5kVA inverter and RC18000 150Ah tubular battery

This inverter supports a 3500VA capacity and maximum load of 2940W. It is a sine wave inverter that reduces harmonic distortions and produces a noiseless output. Additionally, it is safe for sensitive appliances to work smoothly in case of power cuts. That is to say, the additional safety is provided by the MCB, which provides protection from the input mains.

This inverter with battery duo is capable of providing protection against overloading, short circuits, overcharging, deep discharge, etc. 

RC18000 150Ah Tubular Battery

The highly efficient economic range of the RC18000 tubular battery is perfectly suited for prolonged power outages. Made with rugged tubular plates, this inverter battery requires negligible maintenance and can withstand prolonged power cuts. Moreover, the Adaptive Battery Charging Control system technology (ABCC) offers fast charging and increases the battery’s life. 

It is necessary to choose the best-in-class combo of inverter with battery that works smoothly and efficiently in case of power cuts. In addition, the inverter should require minimum maintenance and provide an output that causes no harm to sensitive appliances. Want to learn about inverters and batteries? Get in touch with the service providers at Luminous.

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