How to Maximize TikTok Comments to Boost Engagement [9 Effective Ways]

You can’t deny the importance of TikTok comments to boost engagement. The more comments you have, the higher your rank in TikTok’s algorithm.

Comments are valuable to your post as it shows people are paying attention to your content. Besides that, it boosts your reach and engagement.

You will see some TikTokers who get thousands of comments after posting a single video, but some won’t get a single comment.

It happens because of not knowing the way to maximize TikTok comments. If I’m not wrong, as you are reading the article, you have a TikTok account and want to boost engagement.

You have come to the right place. Here I have demonstrated How to Maximize TikTok Comments to Boost Engagement. Hopefully, after reading out the write-up, you will get to know the ways. So, stay connected and keep reading.

Why Are TikTok Comments Important?

I know that you already know the importance of comments on TikTok. Even then, we want to have a deeper discussion on this matter to get you perceived with the whole thing.

TikTok displays the content on your homepage, depending on the content popularly. To measure the popularity, it uses post engagements.

The TikTok algorithm is so strong, and it contemplates several factors to determine what content to show, but it emphasizes engagement rate to finalize its decision. That’s why there are lots of users who buy tiktok comments to boost engagement.

Comments play a significant role in enriching engagements than likes and views. Because viewing and liking a post doesn’t require much effort, you need to leave a comment. To write a comment, people have to spend a couple of seconds.

That means when someone comments on your video, they pay attention to your content. Sometimes you get appreciation through comments, and sometimes viewers want you to improve it. 

How to Maximize TikTok Comments to Boost Engagement [9 Effective Ways]

To maximize TikTok comments to boost engagement, you have to take some actions. such  as

1. Ask Questions

It is one of the finest ways to get more comments on your content. When you will ask questions like “What’s Your Childhood Crush? Or What’s Your Nickname When You Were in School? The maximum number of people will leave comments answering these questions for sure. That’s why you will see on Facebook or Instagram that some brands or creators ask questions from their pages so that users can relate themselves to the questions.

I would like to share with you a story. A few days ago I saw a question; Which Animal Doesn’t Sleep At Night? Shared from a page. You can’t believe that 43k people commented on that post. Just imagine the engagement rate of the post. So, to maximize TikTok comments to boost engagement, you have to post asking questions that users can relate to themselves.

2. Give Them a Prompt

Make me clear it first. Giving them a prompt means, instead of asking direct questions, you can ask them to leave emojis in the comment section.  You can make videos as well, and ask them to share their experience related to the videos you made.

I have seen lots of TikTok users who usually post videos based on the incidents that happened to them, and asked people to share if something similar ever happened to them. By doing this, they get thousands of comments within a short period.

You can also post and ask them to spell something as well to give them a prompt. Just do it as I said, and see the engagement in your own eyes.

3. Ask for Suggestions

We people love to give free advice to others, and you can utilize these tricks. Just ask for suggestions from your viewers, you will see that hundreds of people leave comments giving suggestions for free. Following this trick you can simply maximize TikTok comments to boost engagement. Just make a video, and ask for how to improve your video quality, or content. Thousands of people will come and give you advice that’s interesting, isn’t it?

4. Ask for Feedback

image 13

This is another way to maximize TikTok comments to boost engagement. It is also simple to do. Just make a video, and ask for feedback if it is up to the mark, or not. What do you have to improve, what should be included, or what about the content? People love to give feedback on others’ activities. I can assure you that you will get lots more comments if you make a video asking for suggestions. Nowadays, many users follow this way on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as well.

5. Catch The Genuine Comments

What does it mean? Well, you will find many people who leave comments giving you advice. Just catch the genuine comments that will help you to know what things you have to improve while making videos, and on which things you have to focus on. After that, work on the things you see in the comments. It will help you make quality content that will reach your content to more people, and maximize the comment as well to boost engagement.

6. Feature Renowned Creators

You can share posts of renowned creators on your timeline. As a result, the followers of the creators will surely leave comments for their favorite creators. That will help you get more comments and the engagement will get boosted too. That’s why frequently try to share posts of famous TikTok content creators from your timeline to make yourself benefitted.

7. Make Videos on Trending Topics

This is another most effective way to boost engagement. Note down the trending topics, and make videos on them. Your post will reach more people, and they will comment on your post giving their opinion.

A few months ago, I posted a video about a cricket match between Australia and England where Australia won the match. You can’t believe that I got more than 1 thousand comments below the post, and most of them were supporters of England and Australia.

So, trending topics always bring more comments on your comment that will help boost engagement of TikTok videos.

8. Collaborate With Other Brands or Influencers

Collaboration with other brands or influencers will help maximize TikTok comments to boost engagement. When you make a video with prominent influencers for brands, the followers of the brands or influencers start following you, and they leave comments on the collaborated videos because of their favorite brands or influencers. You can do it 3/4 times a month to maximize comments. It is an effective way that will boost engagement.

9. Comment on Other’s Videos

You may ask how commenting on others’ videos will help me to maximize comments to boost engagement. Well, let me clear the facts. When you comment on other’s videos, some people start checking your profile, and when they find your content interesting, they start following you and leave comments on your post. This way you get more comments that enrich engagement.

Final Thought

So, it was all about How To Maximize TikTok Comments to Boost Engagement. I have demonstrated 9 different methods that you can apply to get more comments on your post.

If you can follow these things I mentioned, you will see the engagement reached with your own eyes., I have been using TikTok for a long time, and I know well how to maximize comments.

I have shared my own experience here in which ways I have brought TikTok comments to boost engagement. The information I give here is 100% effective, and useful.

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