How Proxies Can Help You Post the Death of Third-Party Cookies

Cookies are essential for every technological or online activity you do. They remain in websites you access to set future preferences for ads and other stuff. However, Google stated in 2021 that it would end the use of third-party cookies by 2022.

Google saw it necessary to phase out third-party cookies because they;

  1. Are harmful to online privacy 
  1. Expose internet users to data security issues
  1. Limit content and ad choices for the internet users

It’s vital to know how to deal with the aftermath of the death of third-party cookies. And proxies are an excellent example of the solutions you may want to consider. This article will discuss everything you should know about the death of third-party cookies and how proxies can help.

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A Brief About the Third-Party Cookies Phase-Out

Third-party cookies have been helpful to internet users. If you love browsing, you notice ads that you’d want to see pop up. This may have at one point saved you the hassle of finding an item or content that you’d like to read. Cookies help generate your preferences, making this possible.

Businesses and marketers have also benefited from third-party cookies. As a marketer, getting an internet user’s browsing history and using this data to target them with ads can be helpful. Thus, Google phasing out third-party cookies won’t bring significant benefits to marketers.

But that’s not to say that you won’t be able to target customers completely. You can still rely on first-party cookies to get highly-accurate behavioral data from every customer interaction. However, it will still be vital for marketers to find alternative ways to survive this phase-out.

Most professional marketers, however, knew about this early enough. Thus, they are already exploring and implementing various alternatives to reach their audiences. But then, there is also a section of marketers who aren’t interested in data and won’t get affected in any way.

Above all, the third-party cookies phase-out is also a blessing in disguise. Businesses and marketers will now develop innovative mindsets to remain afloat. This will require them to strategize afresh and not necessarily use technology that they’ve over-relied on for years.

Dealing With the Death of Third-Party Cookies

Many internet users are concerned that their data won’t get erased after the phase-out. And no one wants their data somewhere on websites. This can expose them to cyber threats and seriously impact their bank accounts and social media pages.

Thankfully, there are ways to erase these records from all computers and websites ultimately. It is advisable to use a proxy to ensure no traces of your online activity or preferences remain. ISP proxies are perfect examples of proxies that you can use for this purpose.

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Using tools like proxies makes this easier and saves a lot of time. These tools search and find cookies then delete them from the source. All you need to do is find a reliable proxy provider. This will ensure you get a proxy to guarantee your privacy and security when clearing cookies. 

The good news is that you’ll be spoilt for choice if looking for a vendor. Creating a checklist with factors to consider will help you choose the best. In the end, it will be easier to deal with the post-death of third-party proxies by ensuring your sensitive details don’t remain out there.

Why Use Proxies to Clear Your Data?

Proxies are tools that stay in between you and the internet. Everything you do online goes through a proxy, as long as you have deployed one. Proxies hide your actual IP address and display altered ones to the websites you visit, making tracking difficult.

This is a significant benefit because they boost privacy and online safety. Also, proxies make it easier to overcome geo-restrictions, making access to content, shopping, etc. All these are reasons you may consider using proxies when browsing the internet.

However, our primary focus is on how proxies can help after the death of third-party cookies. The challenge for many internet users is clearing their records from websites and computers. It won’t be easy, especially because most websites block such attempts.

That’s where a proxy becomes necessary since it doesn’t display your IP address. It can check websites with your data and make it easier to clear it from their records. This is more or less like web scraping, and a proxy can get past any bots deployed to stop such attempts.

In the end, it will be easier to ensure that no record of you remains online. This will make the death of third-party proxies benefit you. However, as said earlier, pick the best proxy when doing this. A vendor’s reputation dictates the quality of their proxies more often than not.


This is all you need to know about the death of third-party cookies and how proxies can be helpful. The decision by Google to end third-party proxies, as said before, will benefit internet users and businesses to a certain extent. Overall, it should be a move welcomed by everyone from companies to customers.

Businesses will face some short-term challenges after the phase-out. As mentioned earlier, data gathered through third-party cookies have been vital for ad targeting. Phasing them out means marketers will rely on data from alternative sources, some not effective as third-party cookies.

We have also discussed how to deal with the death of third-party proxies if you are an internet user who browses different websites daily. Privacy and online security are significant issues today. And proxies can help clear all third-party cookies stored on computers or websites to reduce any chances of cyberthreats.

Now you know why the third-party cookie phase-out will benefit you. And, you also understand why you need to prepare for it adequately. This includes considering revitalizing older strategies. An example of what to try is contextual advertising.

In the end, the aim is to get the desired results. This includes ensuring your records aren’t stored anywhere as an internet user. As a business, it means finding alternative customer data sources after the death of third-party proxies.

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