Paul Haarman States Top 3 Reasons Why Investing is Important

Investing is one of the best ways to make the money work for you. As you’ve worked hard to accumulate the money, money should also work hard for you. 

However, you cannot put your money in the banks assuming that they would help you expand your wealth. Your only option is to put your money at work. 

Investment is nothing but determining your financial security. It not only allows you to expand your wealth but also helps you generate another source of income ahead of your retirement. 

Various investment options such as ETFs, real estate, stocks, cryptocurrency, and bonds will provide income and growth. You can also take a pension from the government, but it’s not enough to cover your retirement. 

Therefore, you need to make mental preparation so that you can strategically invest. If you take the investment seriously, you can easily make your money double or triple within a couple of years. Here are the top 3 reasons why investment is important. 

Higher Returns – Paul Haarman

When you invest funds as assets, the trade-off as the investor will help you utilize the finds as per your investment so that you can leverage higher utility values in the future. Here are some factors you need to consider:

  • You can generate returns in two ways if you plan to invest in stocks. One could be through large capital gains whereas the other could be from dividends. 
  • Investing in bonds is undoubtedly beneficial for the investor in form of coupons or regular pay-outs which are handed during the predestined period. 
  • You can also reap the benefits while investing in the real estate market as you’ll be able to receive capital gains as well as rental income. 

Retirement Plan

Most people start investing to secure their life after retirement. As most people are dependent on their salary to fulfill their daily needs, maintaining their life after retirement will become harder as they won’t have a job to maintain the specific lifestyle. 

This means that people should invest a small portion of their salary as an investment so that they can live without worry after their retirement. Even though you can start other types of part-time jobs after retirement, but they won’t be sufficient enough, says Paul Haarman. 

Nowadays, many young people are investing a large amount of money so that they can retire early. Saving a major portion of the earnings from a young age will help you retire at the age of 40 years, instead of 60 years. 

Paul Haarman Says You Can Reach Financial Goals

Investing is one of the best ways to achieve financial goals for oneself. As your children will be growing throughout the years, you need to plan for additional financial requirements each year. 

You might want to purchase a house. Even if you acquire a home loan, first you need to pay 15-20% of the total amount as the down payment. Paul Haarman says when you have proper investment; you can use the money to cover the down payment. 

The college education of your children is another massive investment. As the college tuition fees aren’t cheap, make sure you start investing in the college tuition of your children from an early age. 


These are the top 3 reasons why investing is important. Now you know the importance of investment, make sure you develop proper investment planning. 

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