How to Get Archfiend X Armor Set in World of Warcraft

If you want to get the Archfiend X Armor Set, there are several methods to acquire it. You can craft it by using different materials, such as Cerato, Baulo, Epine, Ura, and Sceros. These materials are gathered from various areas around the world, and once you obtain them, you can use them to craft the Archfiend X Armor Set.


The Archfiend X armor set is an epic collection of armor and weapons that give the player a lot of stats and abilities. There are four different sets of armor, each one giving different stats and abilities. The first set is made up of two pieces: the Sceros greaves and the Epine gauntlets. Both items give two points of Critical Boost and Chain Crit. While you can equip either one on its own, it is recommended to equip both pieces of armor together so that you can maximize the effects of each item.

In order to get the Archfiend X Armor Set, you have to gain 25 Series Levels and complete matches in Frontline and Crystalline Conflict PVP modes. At Series Level 25, you will receive a Coffer of Archfiend Attire. The Coffer will contain the body, hands, and legs gear pieces. You cannot equip the accessories for these pieces.


There are two ways to get the Archfiend X Armor Set. You can craft it or buy it. It can be crafted with different materials such as Cerato, Baulo, Epine, Ura, and Sceros. Crafting the Archfiend X Armor Set requires you to know a certain crafting skill. However, if you’re not good at crafting, you can always go for buying it.

When you equip an Archfiend Attire Sceros, you can boost the Dereliction stat with its two-skills. When you combine them, you can get the maximum level of Dereliction. This can help you to make impressive damage numbers. You’ll need to know your weapon and its strengths and weaknesses to get the best results with this set.

Enchanted Diamonds

When you have a diamond chestplate, you can use the enchanting table to add an enchantment to it. After completing the enchanting process, the diamond chestplate will glow purple and have new powers. You can then move it back into your inventory.

The Enchanted Diamond can be used in crafting several items in the game. You can get them through Diamond Collection IV. In addition, you can also get them by using the Personal Compactor 4000. These items can be bought separately or purchased in packs from Garek in Battleon.

Zombie Chestplate

If you want to get archfiend x armor set, you have to follow the following steps. First, you need to gather 128 Enchanted Diamonds (20,480x Diamond) and three Revenant Viscera. Then, you need to have a level of 100 in Tarantula Slayer or higher. You should also have a level of 10 in Revenant. Then, you can craft the Revenant Chestplate.

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