How to Get Out of Crunchyroll Beta

The new user interface on Crunchyroll isn’t for everyone, and many people have been confused by it. We have all been there: squinting at the screen, trying to find something, and then giving up. Well, there is a solution. You can get out of the beta version by deleting the new beta version and replacing it with the older one.

Crunchyroll’s new user interface

The new user interface for Crunchyroll has left some users scratching their heads. Users have reported problems with the navigation and have also experienced random resets and black screens. Many have even started an online petition demanding the service to go back to the old interface. However, Crunchyroll has clarified that there is no way to change the UI after June 2021. However, users can give their inputs on how the new user interface should be designed.

Its new search functions

The new search function on Crunchyroll makes it easier to find specific shows in the massive Crunchyroll library. It also provides filtering options based on subtitles and simulcasts. The search function is a welcome addition to the new version of the Crunchyroll site, which previously required the user to search manually.

Its new Crunchylists feature

If you’ve been testing out Crunchyroll Beta, you may have noticed that the new Crunchylists feature is quite different from the Watchlist queue. The new feature allows users to create their own curated collections, which they can then add to their Crunchylist. The Crunchylist is a handy feature for fans who want to organize their favorite shows. This feature also allows fans to create usernames, avatars, and header images.

Its new user interface

Crunchyroll’s new user interface has several improvements that make it more user-friendly. You can now create a unique username, choose a custom avatar, and customize your header image. You can also create curated lists by adding your favorite anime shows to them. With the help of the new “Crunchylists” feature, you can keep track of everything you’ve watched and organized it.

Its availability

If you’ve signed up for the Crunchyroll Beta, you may be wondering how to get out. You’ll lose your history, favorites, and ad-free streaming if you decide to leave. The good news is that it’s not too late. Thankfully, there are several ways to get out of the Crunchyroll Beta.

Its bugs

As a subscriber to Crunchyroll, you may be wondering how to get out of the beta. You are not the only one. Many subscribers have complained about random resets and black screens. Many have even started an online petition to force the site to go back to its Classic version. However, Crunchyroll has been clear that it is not possible to go back once the beta ends in June 2021. Fortunately, there are a few ways to fix the issue.

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