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How to Load a PEZ Dispenser With Candy

how to load a pez dispenser with candy 9164
how to load a pez dispenser with candy 9164

If you are looking to load your PEZ dispenser with candies, you may be wondering how to do it. After all, the process may look simple enough, but it’s not. The PEZ company posted a video on TikTok explaining the proper way to load the candy. Watch the video below to see the proper method. Also, see the PEZ hack’s debunking video below. The PEZ company has responded to the viral video by providing more instructions.

The first thing you should know about this trick is that it requires a special type of Pez dispenser. Unlike the normal PEZ dispenser, the one used for this hack must have a spring-operated flap. Some YouTubers disproved the hack’s claims, but the video has over 26 million views. So, how do you do this hack? Just follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way to playing PEZ dispensers with candy!

Second, you must know that the PEZ dispenser refill video was a fake and inserted into the narrative of the video. While the trick does not work, many people have tried it to make it work. The SouthCarolinians uploaded a video on YouTube showing how to load PEZ and failed. As a result, the PEZ company disproved the trick. It should be noted that it is impossible to load PEZ dispensers from the bottom.

The PEZ dispenser was made popular by TikTok users. One of these users uploaded a video demonstrating how to load a PEZ dispenser without removing the candy wrapper. He shows how to insert a wrapped PEZ roll into the bottom of the dispenser. The wrapped roll displaces the inner shaft of the dispenser and the inner part pushes it back down. This results in the paper encasing the roll being pushed out of the bottom of the dispenser. The PEZ candies were then positioned evenly in the dispenser.

Another PEZ hack, which was featured in a viral TikTok video, is also being disproved. The PEZ company has released its own instructions for loading a PEZ dispenser. First, unwrap the PEZ candies on one side. Next, hold the top and bottom of the packaging with your thumb and index finger. Guide the tablets into the dispenser, with the inner containment area open.

As the PEZ dispenser trick was a viral trend on TikTok, it has gained a lot of popularity. Although some of the TikTok tricks are fake, the original video has a huge fan base. You can check out the PEZ dispenser hack for yourself by following the link below. The video is sure to make you smile. When you’re trying to load PEZ, remember to follow the instructions carefully. You don’t want to damage your dispenser’s mechanism!

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