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How to Quickly Move Items in Minecraft With Donkeys, Llamas, and Mules

how to quickly move items in minecraft with donkeys llamas and mules 6717
how to quickly move items in minecraft with donkeys llamas and mules 6717

Want to know how to move items quickly in Minecraft? You can do so with Donkeys, Llamas, Mules, and more. These handy animals can be trained to move quickly, so you can easily and quickly transport anything you want in Minecraft. Read on to learn more about the best way to move these creatures. And remember, the best way is to use them as often as possible!

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Donkeys have three equine stats. The stats that each one has depends on which breed it is. When breeding a donkey, it will take the average stat of both parents. If you want to get the best results, breed a high-stat donkey. Here are some tips to get started. First, you need to know what kind of donkey you want. You can tame them by continuously mounting them. Once they are fully grown, they will look similar to their parents.

Donkeys can be ridden by players or other animals. You can use the same controls that you would use to ride them, except for the fact that you don’t need to ride them. You can use the mouse to ride them or the left shift key to control them. Donkeys can carry up to 15 stacks of items. You can also equip chests on them. If you don’t have chests, you can still use donkeys to carry items.

The spawned donkey has a 0.5-block jump strength, while a bred donkey has a jump strength of 0.4-1.0. Therefore, feeding a donkey can be useful if you want to move some items. You can even attach a lead to it to make it easier to carry items. Donkeys are passive creatures and do not react to attacks, but they are quite friendly.

Donkeys are best used in the Plains biome. You can feed them wheat and golden carrots to restore their health. If you have donkeys, feeding them will speed up the growth of their baby. You can use speed potions to feed them as well. But be aware that donkeys are only able to feed when they are weak or injured. In addition, donkeys can also be used to carry your pets.

If you’d like to move bigger objects, donkeys can help you accomplish that. However, donkeys have smaller jump heights and can’t carry more than one item at a time. A mule can even jump higher and faster than a donkey. Donkeys are useful for carrying supplies, but they’re very rare in the game. A mule can also be useful in case you want to transport a large amount of items at once.

Using donkeys is also a good way to transport chests quickly. Donkeys can be equipped with chests, which can be loaded with items. When you’re in creative mode, you can fill them with items. When you use this method, you can place saddles on donkeys and horses. You can also place trap chests next to the ordinary chests. You can also use donkeys to carry a variety of other items as well.

Donkeys also offer another advantage: you can ride them to a location more quickly. They can carry more items than sprinting. You can use them to transport chests for yourself or for others. Horses are not equipped with chests, so if you don’t want them to buck you off, you’ll need to tame them first. To tame a horse, click on it repeatedly until you see hearts. This will tame it. Once you’ve tamed it, you’ll be able to control its movement with a saddle.


Sometimes it is necessary to quickly move an item from one location to another. One such shortcut is to hold Shift while double-clicking on an item. Holding shift while clicking will move the item from your inventory to the hotbar or block of your choice. To move an abundance of the same item at once, hold down the left-shift key and double-click. In this way, you can quickly move a stack of items.

Another method of moving an item from your inventory to your chest is to hold the shift key while clicking the item and dragging it to the chest. This works as long as you do not have any other windows open in order to move the item. When you shift-click an item in your inventory, it is transferred instantly to the chest. You can also drag it to your hotbar by holding the shift key.

Another way to quickly move items in Minecraft is to use the chest and inventory shortcuts. To quickly move an item to your chest, simply open it and hold the shift key on your keyboard. Select an item from your inventory and click on it. The item will transfer to the chest and vice versa. Using the shift key and dragging the item from your chest to your inventory will allow you to move the items from your inventory to your chest in a short time.

Another way to quickly move items in Minecraft is to use a shortcut called “quick move.” This command doesn’t wait for your turn, and it moves right away. This can be extremely useful for completing important tasks, such as escaping a level before the timer runs out. Quick move allows you to move quickly and without wasting resources. It will also help you to get to the important parts of the map much faster.


Mules are pack animals that help players move objects more quickly around their worlds. You can tack chests and saddles on mules. However, unlike other pack animals, mules do not have dedicated inventory slots. You can only attach chests and saddles to them once they are mature. You cannot attach chests to foals. However, they are a very useful tool in the right circumstances.

The stats of a mule depend on its parent’s. The formula for mules takes the average of the parent’s stats, including jump and health. A mule’s chest can carry up to 15 slots of inventory. Mules can be trained by leading several mules around with different skills, such as jumping. A mule’s working speed can also be increased by fusing them with horses.

To train a mule, equip it with a chest. To equip a chest on a mule, you must hold it in the hotbar and right-click it. Then, you must kill the mule to obtain a saddle and chest. A mule is not capable of breeding, so you must cross-breed a donkey with a horse.

If you want to be able to ride a mule, you must first equip it with a chest and saddle. However, you should note that a mule cannot wear horse armor, so you should keep that in mind when using a mule. Using a mule to carry items will greatly improve your efficiency. Moreover, a mule is very useful for transporting items because it will allow you to move more items and keep your inventory clear.

A mule acts much like a horse, and is the fastest way to move items. Just like horses, mules do not attack players, and they have 7.5 to 15 hearts of health. To kill a mule, you need to inflict between fifteen and thirty points of damage. Once you have done that, you can ride the mule and proceed to move your items around.

While mules are a handy tool for moving things around in Minecraft, they are more time-consuming and may result in a lot of unnecessary trouble. In this game, you should make sure that you don’t kill a mob when you’re carrying an item. If you don’t, the item will fall from your character, and you will lose it unless you store it in a chest.

While donkeys, mules, and llamas are great for short distance moves, they may be difficult to control at the same time. Then again, they are not good for moving large items and don’t work well on uneven terrain. Mules can be used in combination with other vehicles to move items. But, these are expensive and not ideal for a rough terrain. This is one of the most versatile ways to move items on Minecraft PC.

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